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Is Print Marketing Dead in the Internet Era?

In today’s Internet-savvy world, it seems like most people live out their lives online. Wherever we go, we’re within arms reach of some electronic device or another. With so much digital technology surrounding us, it’s inevitable that marketers have shifted much focus to targeting people online. But with this massive shift in customer behaviour, is print marketing still a relevant part of your marketing strategy?

We say yes. Here’s why.

1. People are Becoming Numb to Online Ads

We are bombarded with advertisements while searching the web. People are often numb to online marketing messages. We have learned to tune out mass produced promotions, and it’s easy to do online, because of all the distractions that come with the Internet. Those ads that aren’t tuned out often become an annoyance to viewers (think about how much you hate popup windows or accidentally clicking on an ad you didn’t mean to.)

Furthermore, browser-based ad blockers and other technologies are increasingly being adopted to hide ads wherever possible. (The number one browser add-on for both Chrome and Firefox is Adblock Plus.)

2. Print Marketing is Tangible

Print media is something people can touch and hold. When you hand out a flyer or a brochure, your message isn’t lost in a sea of pop-ups, advertisements, and promotions on a potential customer’s screen. Instead, you are putting a physical copy of your message in the hands of people who are likely to convert into customers. When your target is able to hold onto your marketing message, it plays on their senses; your message and your company are real, and are more likely to remain in someone’s memory.

3. Print Advertising Preserves Your Message

Print media is more difficult to discard than digital marketing efforts. How many times have you received an email blast from a business, or seen their ads pop up on the side of your organic search results? You can simply ignore these digital marketing efforts by clicking “delete” or “unsubscribe” on the email, or scrolling down the search engine results page to ignore the ad. Digital marketing campaigns can be fleeting. Print media, on the other hand, is resilient.

When you send a direct mailer, like a postcard or a brochure, people are going to read that direct mail, without having to even open it. They will see your brand and your products/services, and have a tangible connection to your business. Unlike digital advertising, print media are harder to get rid of without some form of contact. Even if it ends up in the recycle pile, viewers often look at it before discarding it or putting it aside.

4. Print Media Complements Digital Media

Online advertising is a saturated medium where is can be difficult to stand out. Every business is vying for their piece of the online marketing world. On search engines, ad networks and even social media, you’re competing with dozens of other brands in every industry under the sun. With so many options, it can be challenging for brands to make connections with customers online. Pairing your online marketing with print marketing gives you a leg up and doubles your coverage.

Customers who have been exposed to your brand offline, are more likely to see and remember your ads when they do see them online. On average it takes 12 points of contact before a customer is ready to make a purchase from a brand. These points of contact can stack up quickly when you’re targeting customers with print advertising and online advertising simultaneously.

With over four decades in print media, Print Three is fully equipped to help you plan and execute a captivating print marketing campaign. Ask us how we can increase your sales and boost brand awareness by bridging the gap between your digital marketing strategy and print media. If you would like to integrate print media into your current marketing strategy, contact a Print Three near you.

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