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7 Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Businesses, and How To Avoid Them

Misconceptions about marketing can cause your business to lose out on valuable customers. You may think your business is making the most of your marketing budget, but if you’re making any of these common marketing mistakes, you could be doing even better! Read on to clear up a few common marketing misconceptions. Are you making any of these marketing mistakes and hurting your marketing?

  1. “We don’t need to spend money on website optimization.”
    Your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools available to your business. Investing in website optimization builds further value into your brand and business, and ensures your website is a continuous source of leads that grows over time. Even if you think your website is well positioned now, search optimization requires constant updates to maintain your rank, and build on your results.

    Effective website optimization requires effort, and some level of an investment on your part. You’ve probably seen ads claiming that they’ll post content on your site that ‘guarantees’ a first page placement on Google or other search engines for mere pennies. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! In truth quality search engine optimization takes time, and money. Doing it any other way will backfire on your brand and rankings.

  2. “We don’t need to be on social media.”
    This is one of the most prevalent misconceptions about marketing today. Canada has the highest social media penetration in the world, with 82% of Canadians using some form of social media. This is why your business needs to get on board the social media train, too! You should be marketing where your customers are. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are free marketing tools to get your business’s name out there and connect directly with your target market. At the very least, it demonstrates that your brand is ‘with it!’

  3. “We only need to market to potential customers, not the customers we already have.”
    This marketing mistake can cost you the trust and loyalty of your existing customers. To retain customers, your business must continually prove that you’re willing to go above and beyond to provide them with what they want. Building on your relationship with your existing customers and providing great ongoing service is your strongest marketing tool.

    Think of the business-customer relationship much like a romantic one. If your partner stops showing you that they care and pays no attention to you, why wouldn’t you leave and look for something better? Businesses work the same way. If you stop showing your customers that you appreciate them, they’re likely to hit the road in search of competitors who have something better to offer. Give them a reason to stay by your side!

  4. “Marketing is only digital nowadays.”
    False. The key to effective marketing is a combination of digital and print marketing. If you’re only targeting one area on the marketing spectrum, you’re missing out on potential leads from other areas! Your marketing should be well rounded to reach its full potential. Read this article for more information on why your business needs to bridge the gap between digital and print marketing.

  5. “You have to spend money to make money.”
    This marketing misconception causes businesses plenty of grief. Yes, it’s true you have to invest some money in your marketing, but more money isn’t always better. Make sure you’re spending wisely. Be aware of where you’re spending your money, and what your ROI is for each of your marketing initiatives. A larger budget isn’t always the best option. A smaller budget that is wisely spent can actually lead to a best return for your business. Following a well-thought-through marketing strategy will help reduce the risk for your business.

    If you’re interested in putting together a marketing strategy, Print Three can help. Find your local Print Three for assistance.

  6. “I know a guy who can…”
    Fill in the blank above with any verb. If this guy you know is reputable, that’s great! But if someone starts off advice like this, be cautious as these “guys” often cut corners. As a business you want to be seen as reputable and professional – a friend of a friend may not be the best option to handle every aspect of your marketing. Make sure you’re working with professionals who are truly experts in their field – whether that’s designing your marketing pieces, managing your website, or running your social media accounts, or something else entirely. Don’t hurt your business by paying someone a bit less for inferior results.

  7. “The Call To Action is clear to me.”
    Your call to action may be clear to you because it’s your business and you understand the ins and outs of your products and services. Make sure you’re putting yourself in the shoes of potential customers who stumble upon your brand. Do they know what your company does? Do they know which number to call to contact you? What is their next step once they reach your website? Avoid making this marketing mistake by ensuring your CTAs are clear to absolutely anyone. Whether someone knows your business or not, they should know exactly what do to when they’re on your website.

If you’ve avoided these marketing mistakes, your business is in great shape! There’s always room for new opportunities, however. If you’re interested in furthering your marketing strategy to continue to grow your business, Print Three can help you craft a marketing strategy to take your marketing, and your business, to the next level. Find a location now.

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