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How to Make a Tri-Fold Brochure That Converts Into Sales

A well-designed tri-fold brochure or pamphlet is an indispensible marketing tool for your business. A tri-fold brochure contains pertinent information about your products or services and ensures your customers have quick access to important details about your business.

Brochures and pamphlets not only contain information that is useful to your customers, but they are a great sales tool for you. They supplement information provided by you or your sales team, and allow your customers to review information about your products and services at leisure, and serve as a reminder of the key benefits of your products or services.

How do you make tri-fold brochures that stand out and convert into real sales? Here are some tips for creating effective tri-fold brochures:

  1. Make the Front Panel Stand Out
    Think of the front panel of your tri-fold brochure as a billboard ad. It should be light on text, and include a headline that makes your customers want to pick it up and read more. Use graphics and colours that stand out and capture attention, but don’t be garish. It should represent your business and brand personality.
  2. Don’t Overclutter
    Brochures should be informational, but don’t overdo it. Too much text can be overwhelming. Try to limit your tri-fold brochures to 500 words or less where possible. If you have too much information to share, consider a brochure style with more pages, or create multiple brochures that address your company’s key products and services one at a time. Also don’t forget to think about the big picture. Consider spacing, margins, font size, font type and other details that will make your brochure easy to read and absorb.
  3. Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes
    Always think about how your customers will read your brochure. Check how the information flows as you unfold it, and that the colours and graphics you’re using look the way you intended. Print a mock up, to see that it flows as you wanted, and looks good from every angle.
  4. Make Sure to Include Visuals
    A tri-fold brochure that includes large blocks of text can look dated and boring. Lines upon lines of text can seem overwhelming and unfriendly to read. Use appealing and relevant images and graphics, such as icons, charts and infographics to break up text and add visual interest. Also, using colour blocks and stylized bullets can make it easier to scan your brochure for important information.
  5. Use Your Space Wisely
    With a tri-fold brochure, you have six panels to fill. Make sure you use of all of them effectively. Never leave one blank, or slap on a filler image just to take up space. Think carefully about what you want to say in each panel – even the back one – and ensure that it’s helpful to your customers. Each panel is an opportunity to leave a brand impression, convey important information or encourage a sale of your products or services, so use it!
  6. Try Something Different
    There are thousands of tri-fold brochure templates out there. Sure, using a tri-fold brochure template makes it easy to create a brochure on your own without the help of a brochure designer, but it also runs the risk of your brochure blending into the crowd. Don’t be afraid to try something different that will set your brand apart. Marketing pieces that are unique and fresh are much more likely to capture attention than a basic tri-fold brochure design downloaded from a template site. Aside from a unique design, sometimes a custom dye cut or the paper selected can leave a lasting impression.
  7. Use Direct Marketing Techniques
    Think of your tri-fold brochure as a sales tool. Though a brochure is typically more informational than a postcard or direct marketing piece, the same techniques apply.Include intriguing headlines and subheadings. Make lists into easy-to-absorb bullet points where possible. Most importantly, don’t forget a call to action! Your brochure is selling your products and services. Make sure people clearly understand the benefits and advantages of your products and services. Your customers also need to know how or where to reach you when they want to make a purchase. For more tips, read our direct marketing blog.

Print Three is an ideal partner for creating stand out tri-fold brochures for your business. We help you develop a tri-fold brochure design that fits with your company’s branding. To make sure your finished product is done right, we can also help you with your tri-fold brochure printing and distribution. Find a Print Three location near you to get started!

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