Direct Mail

3 Ways to Get Creative with Direct Mail Marketing

According to Canada Post, “direct mail offers a sensory experience that triggers consumer emotions and action while maximizing attention and recall.” In fact, on average consumers spend 118% more time with a direct mail piece than with a digital marketing experience on their first exposure. And it makes sense if we stop and think about it for a minute. When you come home and check the mail, while you may...

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3 Innovative Direct Mail Tips to Try in 2021

Even in our increasingly digital world, direct mail continues to be a preferred method of marketing communication. In many cases, direct mail helps businesses stand out amongst the crowd by cutting through the digital noise; plus, who doesn’t like receiving mail?! With Print Three’s custom graphic design and printing and Prime Data‘s end-to-end mailing services, you’re free to spend your time thinking of creative and innovative direct mail campaigns for 2021....

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