Limitless Possibilty

Your imagination is limitless, and your print options should reflect this. Whatever your vision, we’re committed to bringing it to life in full colour and larger-than-life with our cutting-edge technology and dedicated, professional team.

We've seen it all...

You can’t stop progress — we know that from first-hand experience! The first Print Three shop opened in 1970, long before personal computers, mobile phones or social media. By 1980, the small chain of privately-owned copy shops had begun franchising, and soon Print Three stores began opening all over Canada.

Today, our customers do business with over 50 Print Three locations across the country, with international print partnerships in the United States and Australia, as well as local partnerships with leaders in their respective spaces, including Prime Data, Print Panther, and Optic Signs. We were looking ahead in 1970, and we’re still looking ahead today!

Always looking forward

Over five decades we’ve seen the world change around us, and we’ve changed with it. We believe that print is a living medium, and now more than ever, what we print matters. Whether it’s reducing our environmental impact, staying on the cutting edge of print technology, or looking for new ways to grab and hold your customers’ attention, we’re passionate about our product.

Backed by complete web-to-print capabilities, marketing expertise, digital printing services, and commercial printing services, we’re here to make your vision a reality.

Explore our cutting-edge printing services at a Print Three location near you, or visit our online store to order your print products today.

If you can dream it, we can print it.