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What is Direct Mail Advertising and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Sending direct mail pieces is one of the best ways to inform customers and prospects about special events or news about your business. They’re particularly great for announcing special, limited time promotions.

Most business owners know that they should be using direct mail advertising as a part of their marketing package, but know little about the specific benefits they can gain from using it.

Learn what Direct Mail Marketing is, and how your business can benefit from it below.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing, also know as one-to-one marketing or direct mail advertising, is a form of marketing done through post office mail services. Usually direct mail pops up in the form of postcards or other fun and interesting variations of postal mail.

It differs from other types of marketing, in that the recipient is receiving and touching a printed marketing piece that is intended to catch their attention and spur them to take action. They’re able to keep and hold onto the piece unlike a billboard, transit ad or online search results!

What are the Benefits of Direct Marketing?

1. Direct Mail Marketing Allows You To Reach Your Target
Direct mail marketing can zero in on specific demographics, so you can send customers targeted mailers that are tailored around what they’re interested in.

For example, say you own a car company and you’re having a sale on convertible car covers. You could send a promotional direct mail piece to people you have sold convertibles to instead of people you have sold SUVs to in the past few years. The people who have purchased SUVs have no use for a convertible car cover, and so they will have no interest in your sale. However, the people who own convertibles may have a high interest and a potential need for your product; therefore you can narrow down who you send this customized direct mail piece to and target your message to that audience.

2. Direct Mail Marketing Cuts Down The Competition
When a potential customer searches for your business on search engines (such as Google) they are looking for you. By sending direct mail pieces, you’re not waiting until someone needs your business – you’re putting your business out there before people start searching and finding your competitors. This, above and beyond anything else, raises brand awareness, while encouraging your target to contact your business without the need to search elsewhere.

On that note, when a customer looks online for your business, your website and web presence should also outrank your competition. The more customers see your brand (both online and off!), the more it will reinforce that they want to work with you rather than another company. Direct mail advertising allows your business to cut ahead in line, and get your brand in front of customers before your competitors have a chance to even become an option!

Are you thinking about starting a direct mail marketing campaign for your business? If so, Print Three can help. Contact your local Print Three to learn how we can design, print and distribute your business’s direct mail pieces today!

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