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What Marketing Strategies Should Small Businesses Use?

As a small business owner or marketing professional, have you been relying on word of mouth and referrals for lead generation? Although being referred by happy clients is a welcome way to grow business, it’s not a guaranteed marketing strategy.This year, consider developing a real marketing plan. Now you’re going to need some formal tactics to attract leads, engage customers and position yourself as the ‘go to’ resource in your...

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What is Direct Mail Advertising and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Sending direct mail pieces is one of the best ways to inform customers and prospects about special events or news about your business. They’re particularly great for announcing special, limited time promotions. Most business owners know that they should be using direct mail advertising as a part of their marketing package, but know little about the specific benefits they can gain from using it.

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7 Tips for Creating an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

There’s nothing like coming home, after a long day of work, to find your mailbox overflowing with junk. Ugh. The fact is, most direct mailers are not only ignored, but there is a certain stigma attached to this form of advertising. If this is true, then why do marketers keeping creating them? Well, when done properly, direct mail campaigns are not only extremely effective, but they’re a trackable form of...

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