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4 reasons mobile marketing is important for your business

Mobile marketing is essential to all businesses now that mobile devices are the go-to media devices for consumers and potential customers. The explosive growth of smart phones, tablets, smart watches and other evolving devices are driving mobile marketing.

Any business, large or small, must adapt to the changing business conditions, and develop a mobile marketing strategy as well as a mobile-friendly website.

Data confirms mobile is a growing sector

The growth of smart phones and smart device use is evident to anyone who walks down the street and sees people glancing at their tiny screens. The data on mobile marketing and mcommerce growth is decisive:

It is now well established that everyone is viewing more and more media—news, ads, videos, and social media—through mobile devices and apps. This means it’s time to rethink how to reach this growing market for your business.

Your customers are mobile, so you should be too

Mobile growth impacts traditional marketing techniques and demands change in traditional strategies.

For example, customers can be researching your product as they shop, comparing prices, services and sales. A smart marketer must be quick enough to recognize this is happening and adjust their marketing in real-time if necessary.

As well, because each phone or tablet transmits information about the user—such as how many times they visited your site, what product pages they visited most and at what point they left your site—you suddenly have invaluable customer data on your hands. Finding out whether a customer arrived through a search engine, an email or through an ad is of great value.

But mobile marketing success also means improving your technology. A functional website now must be improved for viewers who are seeing it on medium-sized tablet screens, small smart phones or even on tiny smart-watch screens.

If a customer can’t see your products easily and efficiently on these smaller devices, they will find easily find another competitor’s site a micro-second.

Social media is closely connected to mobile marketing

Social media is connected with mobile marketing. We know 74% of U.S. adults use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and most are viewing these sites through mobile devices.

Social media has become the default starting point for media viewers, whether it is news, a friend’s updates or information from school or work. If you are not marketing here, you are missing a large portion of potential customers.

Mobile marketing delivers results with speed and efficiency

It’s no surprise that mobile devices and mobile friendly websites increase the speed at which you can get your message across to your potential leads, clients or customers.

Decisions about pricing, inventory and cost-analysis can all happen more quickly as you read the data from customer interactions with your web site by the day or hour. Choices about cutting prices or bundling extra items can be made within minutes instead of weeks or months, as you can analyse customer data on the fly and act on it accordingly.

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