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Choosing the Right Promotional Items Gives Your Marketing Plan a Lift

Choosing promotional items for your business should be the first line of marketing success for your company. Custom promo items are inexpensive, functional and showcase your brand loud and clear to keep you and your services top of mind.

Knowing what works

The risk in offering inexpensive items to your clients is the chance your promo items may have so little value, the customers won’t use them. Your marketing budget will be literally thrown away, and you will have not made any dent in your clients’ awareness of your product. Be mindful of what promo items will work and which won’t.

Mugs and Cups

Obviously a mug will fulfill its duty in holding a cup of coffee. But whether it is found at the back of the dish cupboard or becomes the boss’s favorite mug – the mug that everyone knows is his – depends on your creativity. A mug with your logo on it will probably not please anyone but yourself. A colourful mug with an inspirational picture and caption: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing, is far more likely to be used everyday.

Your logo can be tastefully placed on the other side of the mug. You’re delivering an item that’s functional, inspiring and one that will fulfill your marketing goals.


In general, it’s best to stay away from clothing that has a heavy marketing message on it. Unless you are a clothes designer whose logo people want to wear, it’s best to steer clear of clothes. People buy clothes that they enjoy wearing and that make them look good: it’s unlikely you can produce anything people will go out of there way to wear, especially if it has your logo on it.

Hats and Caps

Ball caps are the exception. Everyone needs to wears something on their heads on a hot day: make sure it’s attractive enough to be preferred by everyone.

Pens and Writing Utensils

Again, it’s not the item itself that will make this custom promo item successful, but the idea that goes into it. A pen that has a car or spaceship inside is memorable. A pen with a flashlight is as well. Put some thought into what your client or lead will do with your pen — your innovative ideas will keep your promo item with a logo from falling to the back of the desk drawer.

Water Bottles

The best thing about water bottles is that they are new and trendy. If you make yours highly functional (acrylic, with a straw and sippy spout along with a hook for the backpack), it will be a favourite. The more functional and attractive you make your water bottle, the more it will be carried around and seen by others.

Other Promotional Items

Are the promo items not right for your business? Here are some other promotional items that are always useful to customers and clients:

  • iPad/tablet cover: get your logo in full view daily; who doesn’t use their tablet on a daily basis?
  • Charging kit: charges all phones and tablets; this is something most, if not all, your customers will appreciate and actually use
  • Sports items: for the sports fans among your clients; items like golf equipment, and baseball caps are a good go-to

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