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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Developing Your Brand

When you’re developing a brand image for your business, there are a lot of factors that go into choosing how to position your company – what your company sells, your business goals, your target audience, and your brand message, to name a few of many variables. To help you market your company effectively, Print There has outlined 7 tips for branding your business.

1. Know your target, and do research.
Good company branding starts with understanding who buys your products or services and why. Time spent researching your target demographic is essential to creating effective marketing that not only reaches them, but also resonates with them and drives them to take action. The better you understand the way your target thinks, acts and feels, the easier it is to develop effective branding that speaks to them.

2. Be clear and compelling.
There’s nothing worse than a muddled message that your customers don’t understand. When you’re creating marketing pieces, they should always have a singular message that is simple and easy to understand. Consumers don’t want to take the time to dissect convoluted brand marketing, so take it upon yourself to ensure your marketing is clear and easy to absorb.

3. Know your colours!
Colours are closely tied with human emotion. Learning what colours complement your brand’s message is a useful skill to have. For instance, the colour red tends to be associated with passion and excitement, whereas blue tends to be a more professional, conservative colour. Choose colours for your logo and creative pieces that reflect your core values and business culture, and reinforce your marketing message. This will strengthen your company branding.

4. Invest in a designer.
A professional designer will create quality work that showcases your brand in the most positive light. Though it may seem like an additional expense, the level in quality creative could make the difference between impressing your audience or being ignored completely. Have you ever visited a website that looks dated or unprofessional? You probably didn’t think much of the company. Consumers make assumptions about brands based on the way their marketing looks – from your logo, to your business card, to your website and other printed marketing pieces. Brands with professional marketing pieces are instantly deemed more trustworthy and credible.

5. Dare to be different.
You’ve probably heard the Apple tagline “Think Different.” With so many competing brands on the market, it’s never been more true. If you don’t set yourself apart from your competitors, there’s no reason for consumers to pay attention to your brand. Don’t be afraid to take risks and step outside the box. Innovative branding that doesn’t rehash what’s already out there is what sets your brand apart and makes consumers take notice.

6. Be consistent.
There’s nothing worse than a brand that constantly contradicts itself. When developing your company brand, make sure your message is consistent across all your marketing, your website and any other points of contact with your customers. That’s not to say you can’t try new things or evolve your company branding in the future however there should be a constant thread that unifies your marketing – from a consistent design style to a consistent message.

7. Have a plan.
Even if you’re just starting out and beginning to develop your brand, having a plan is a must. If you have company branding goals in mind to strive for, it’s much easier to take steps to make them happen. Remember, brand marketing is a process that won’t happen overnight. It takes effort and patience to establish a brand. Think about powerful brands like Coca Cola or Nike. These brands have spent years carefully cultivating and reinforcing their branding. You can do the same with a solid marketing plan!

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