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Stationary & Design Inspiration

From yearly events such as birthday party celebrations and holiday gatherings to once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as wedding day celebrations, stationery is used to communicate information about the most important events in our lives with our loved ones. Here are some facts about print stationery to provide inspiration for your next formal event.  

History of Stationary:

Understanding the history and intention behind a marketing term is a great way to learn about how marketing has evolved. The word stationery is derived from the word “Stationer” meaning books or paper and originates from the medieval word “stationaries” which directly translates to unmoved or permanent. 

The Invention of Paper 

From the books we read to the artwork that inspires us, humans have always had the desire to record and share their drawings and words. Around 2000 years ago, the invention of paper was created to meet society’s artistic and journalistic needs. Shortly after the invention of paper, came the invention of stationery. 

The First Stationary Was Made of Plants 

Indeed, paper enables us to communicate with each other in a manner that produces permanence, and stationary solidifies the messages that we want to last. Historically, stationary was used throughout Egypt as individuals would gather, dry out, flatten and style plants that they would engrave written messages into. 

The Uses for Stationary

The use of stationary communicates effort and importance to a message as it is associated with thought, time and attention to detail. As a result of the meaning that stationary implies, it is used for important functions such as generating invoices, presenting professional proposals, producing notebooks and notepads, and printing as well as showcasing professional photography. 

Stationary Evokes Nostalgia

Our middle school diaries, high school valentines day cards, and college notepads were used during the most transitional and pivotal moments in our lives. When we receive a piece of stationary we are immediately transformed back to those times which evokes feelings of nostalgia. 

Stationary: Communication That Stands Out 

We are all familiar with the ease of hitting the ‘send’ button, receiving a uniquely designed and personalized handwritten note shows that the communicator has invested in their message and has made a true investment in their communication with you, making their outreach more intentional and valuable. 

About Print Three’s Stationary Services

Reflect your brand image professionally with premium stationery printing from Print Three. Every business needs stationery. Your stationery subconsciously paints a picture in your customer’s mind about your company and brand. From logo design and your layout to the quality of paper you print on, your stationery printing must ultimately reflect your brand and company image.Ensure your brand is represented by working with Print Three Guelph’s digital print experts. We can assess your business image requirements, and make optimal recommendations for your stationery package. This can include everything from letterhead printing to envelope printing, creating a professional business image that’s critical to your brand. To learn more about our Stationary services, contact us today.

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