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Print Marketing Trends

Print Marketing Trends

If you are curious about the longest trends within the print marketing industry, look to your bookshelves, within your magazine rack or outside your front door step and pick up your daily newspaper. Print media is popularized by its favourable characteristics that include lightweight, flexible, disposable and portable material that communicates essential media content including but not limited to entertainment and newsworthy information. 

The Oldest Trend in Print Marketing

Newspapers are the oldest form of media print marketing and are referred to as the most relied-on form of media to deliver the most top-of-mind and critical news, information and updates. As the first form of marketing that enabled mass communication throughout the media, written handheld content is known for its benefits of producing lasting effects on its consumers, as written material resonates longer with individuals rather than content within digital communication vehicles and initiatives. 

What are the top print marketing trends to look out for in the year to come? The Print Three team has a list for you to ensure your printed marketing communications remain top of mind:

Personalized Print Communication

Gathering data to create a heightened form of personalization within your marketing communications is trending for print media. Rather than simply having a target customer’s first and last name addressed on a piece of direct mail, or on the front of a magazine subscription, the future of personalized print media includes going beyond simply addressing your clients by name. For on-trend personalization within your print marketing campaigns, personalizing the images, written content and promotional offers to correspond with each customer’s segment data is recommended for 2023. 

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

The billboard for your coffee shop that you pass by while on your route to your coffee shop and the app that you use to purchase your drink that offers you points and discounts are all examples of a brand’s integrated marketing communications. Integrated marketing communications is the process of combining all brands marketing efforts for a specific campaign into multiple channels. For 2023, print marketing trends, brands are favouring integrated communications campaigns that combine digital and print. To implement integrated print and digital marketing, turn to tactics such as using an online call to action within your print marketing communications. A digital call to action within a printed piece of media can include incentives to contact your company or to shop online. Another tactic to integrate your digital efforts with your printed marketing communications includes using a QR code within your content. 

Print Three Provides Limitless Print Possibilities

Your imagination is limitless, and your print options should reflect this. Whatever your vision, we’re committed to bringing it to life in full colour and larger than life with our cutting-edge technology and dedicated, professional team. For more print marketing news, trends and insights, or to start your print marketing communications today, contact the Print Three team.

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