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Improve Your Business By Improving Your Print Materials

Market conditions and organizational goals cause businesses to change dramatically over time. Tracking changes that occur within your business over time can include finding obvious changes such as a new address or phone number, or less overt changes such as new company slogans or terminology. As your business evolves it is important to update your print marketing materials accordingly. Here are some updates that you can make to your print material to attract and retain business. 

Improve your design

Has your logo changed over time? Are your graphics as clear as they could be? When it comes to first impressions, we are only given one chance to leave a lasting message. The professionalism of an image is communicated by clear and distinct colours and lines as well as an accurate representation of your logo and brand information. When updating your print materials, ensure that you are putting your best foot forward by using images that are clear and accurate. 

Increase Sales With Your Messaging

Your business materials are an investment, ensure that your printed business communication converts by including a strong call to action. Updating your print business communication is the perfect opportunity to inspire action from your clients. If your current printed materials include a call to action, updating them is an opportunity to include a new activity you would like your clients to take. 

Include Catalogues within Your Print Marketing 

Updating your print marketing material presents opportunities to adjust and update your current materials as well as opportunities to include newly printed content. Print Catalogues are a great addition to your print marketing program as they provide additional information and can increase your sales by 15%. 

Enhance Your Current Print Marketing Materials 

While checking off each change to include in your print marketing updates, don’t skip out on the opportunity to include additional details such as letterheads and envelopes. Printed business stationery with logos on your letterhead presents a level of legitimacy within your marketing communications. 

Print Three: Your Business Centre for Print, Web and Marketing

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