How Direct Mail Marketing Works for Your Business

Direct mail is a great way to engage your audience. Image: A hand taking envelopes out of a community mailbox.

They say the secret to wealth is learning to make money while you’re sleeping, but what if the same could be true about print advertising? Direct mail is a simple way to massively boost engagement with your advertising and reap a tremendous reward thanks to targeted data. Here’s how it works.

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience. Much more personal for recipients and much more targeted than web ads, it’s exactly what it sounds like: printed fliers, literal envelopes or even cards that go straight to your clients’ mailboxes and gain their undivided attention. 

The main benefit of direct mail is the potential for personalization. You can send out a massive campaign, with each unit sent completely personalized for the recipient. Triggered by information-rich customer databases, variable data technology allows marketers to build communication lists and design unique mailers that can be produced and mailed within an extremely short timeframe. Creative design and real-time printing come together on-demand to create personalized mailers that speak to customers.

What Is The Benefit of Direct Mail? 

Direct mail is up to 39% more engaging for audiences, and it’s easy to see why. Most people have learned to tune out ads online. Whether it’s aggressively skipping ads on Youtube videos or scrolling right past sponsored content on websites, people have adapted to ignore digital ads almost as fast as digital ads themselves have evolved. 

Enormous amounts of money are spent, every single year, on finding new ways to grab audiences’ attention and to target the right customers with the right digital ads. If this doesn’t sound like the right approach for your business, direct mail may be a great option for your business. 

How Does Direct Mail Work for Your Business?

Direct mail is a powerful medium for your message which allows you to speak to your customers without distractions and rise above the competition. While direct mail can be a highly effective advertising solution for most types of business, it is particularly effective for small, local businesses. Up to 47% of direct mail customers polled reported that they visited a store in reaction to direct mail. What’s more, smaller businesses can leverage community knowledge to speak directly to their community. 

Whether it’s a sale in time for a local celebration, an event in honor of a local celebrity or just a design or color choice that you know will speak to your neighborhood or town, direct mail offers a way to appeal to your community in your advertising. Direct mail offers a personal and effective way to reach your audience by combining traditional media with cutting-edge data technology. 

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