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Your Letterhead Layout Communicates The Quality Of Your Business 

Anytime your letterhead is used, you are representing your company, services and brand. Letterheads are truly a form of communication, and the first step of effective letterhead marketing is ensuring that your business letterheads are designed according to your brand guidelines and accurately reflect the nature of your business. 

Before you design your letterhead, there are a few things you should consider. Below we have outlined a few steps to take as you prepare your letterhead. By following these guidelines, your letterhead will turn out perfectly and just how you expect.

Considerations When Engaging In Letterhead Marketing 

Choosing the right paper weight, navigating the length of your letterhead delivery time, selecting the quality of how your letterhead will appear in print and investing in additional services such as professional printing, are all considerations to think about when investing in letterhead marketing. 

Leverage Your Brand Presence With Letterhead Marketing 

Is your brand formal or casual? What are the main characteristics of your brand voice? Is it playful, engaging, funny, or bright? When investing in letterhead marketing, you have an opportunity to showcase your brand characteristics and persona through your stylistic and design decisions. Go for the fonts, formats and lines that represent you best. 

Contact Details Are Key 

Find out the best place for your contact details by looking at the results from your previous communication. If you send email newsletters, are there newsletters with your contact information at the top that perform better? 

Don’t Forget Envelopes 

When investing in letterhead marketing, make the most of your time, resources and investment by also designing envelopes. 
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