Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Are business cards still relevant? For millions of people, the answer is yes. An image of two hands exchanging a dark turquoise business card with a minimalist logo.

Are business cards still relevant? In an increasingly digital world where human contact is less of a given than ever, many people may pause before getting a fresh batch of their trusty old cards. But we’re here to tell you it’s a good idea! Here’s why business cards are here to stay.

Real-World Connection: A Definite Reason To Get Business Cards

If business cards were going to disappear, it would have happened by now! Business cards trace their origins all the way back to 15th-century China, where they were used as calling cards listing the accomplishments or titles of the person who bore them. For over six centuries, they’ve been hallmarks of social networking and professional interactions: they’ve been through a lot!

An evolving world doesn’t mean a totally transformed world–at least not yet. Even as more and more of our work shifts online, there are still people who don’t use social media, and who don’t ever intend to. Pay close attention: there are even people out there who still use flip phones. Staying connected means understanding that not everyone is connected in the same way, and ideally, you should be prepared for any opportunity you encounter.

Are Business Cards Still Relevant? Yes–If You Are!

You may be increasingly connecting virtually while networking, but there will still be people that don’t (or can’t) do the same. Having business cards allows you to be accessible when you’re searching for new opportunities, and it also allows you to maintain a professional polish at all times. You never know when you’ll need to leave your newest acquaintance with your contact information, and having business cards is a much more professional look than scrambling to write it on a scrap of paper.

Business cards carry a lasting impression of a first meeting. They’re also a way to immediately establish your brand in one shot. Through careful design, your business cards can encapsulate exactly what you want to communicate, and help reinforce the qualities you most want to represent your brand or business. From your heading to the weight of your cardstock, business cards are more than just paper: they’re you!

How Can Your Cards Stand Out?

If you’re considering whether you need print business cards because of the rise of social media and conveniences such as virtual business cards and personal QR codes, we have some advice: step back and remember the whole picture. Consider that it’s not a case of either/or; your business card is yet another tool in your networking arsenal that can work seamlessly with the others to create a complete impression of your business and your product. 

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