Print Marketing for Small Businesses: Easier Than It Sounds!

Print marketing got you down? If you’re wondering why your print advertising doesn’t seem to be working, you may be worried that it’s print itself–after all, many people like to claim that print is dead. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

We’re here to tell you that no, print isn’t dead, and print is probably not the reason that your small business’s marketing is lack-luster. Today, we’re exploring how your business’s brand could be at the root of your problem, and what you can do about it.

Branding Woes Can Impact Your Print Marketing!

Small business print marketing isn’t about paper–it’s about what’s on the paper, and how it makes your customers feel. If your brand is undefined, customers will perceive that lack of identity, and it will impact how they perceive your business as a whole. Take a look at your current print materials and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my brand recognizable? When customers see or receive my products, do they immediately know what they’re seeing?
  2. When was the last time I refreshed my brand and messaging?
  3. Are my marketing materials consistent?

Your answers to these basic questions can go a long way in helping you understand where to go next.

Your Look and Feel: What Customers See In Your Marketing

You don’t have to be a marketing professional to have a great brand! Your business probably already has a few basic colours you use to represent yourself. While these don’t have to be as iconic as McDonald’s’ yellow and red, they should be consistent across your marketing materials. This helps your customers recognize you instantaneously, no matter where you appear. 

If you only use one or two colours, consider adding some complimentary ones. On the other hand, if your marketing is a kaleidoscope of colours, consider paring it down a bit. You can check out this guide to color theory to learn more about mixing and matching colours. 

The more easily recognizable your brand is for customers, the more likely they’ll be to engage with your marketing materials and in consequence, with your business. Next, take a look at your fonts. Do you use multiple different fonts on a single piece? Ideally, you should use no more than two to create a smooth and consistent look and feel. You can consider the images you use, as well; are they similar and consistent, or do you use a mix of stock images, illustrations, and photos from your business? Though it may not immediately seem so, the visual elements of your branding have a huge effect on the success or failure of your print marketing.

Consistency Is The Key To Effective Print Marketing

So your brand is locked down; next comes the fun part. Consistency across your marketing materials, whether digital or print, is an important part of helping customers recognize and trust your brand. Consider whether your business cards look the same as your mailers, and whether your online advertisements match up with your in-store promotional signage. If they don’t, a refresh may be in order.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to get fresh, consistent print marketing materials. Whether you need new business cards to put your best foot forward, or you’re ready to step up your advertising with direct mail, Print Three is right there with you. With our design team ready to guide you through the process, we can’t wait to get your fresh new brand up and running.

Contact us or come by one of our locations to find out how we can help refresh your print marketing!

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