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Feeling Grateful? Say it with Personalized Thank You Cards


Cards are perfect ways to say the things that we can’t say in person this holiday season. While it’s been an extremely unusual year, it’s also been very enlightening in some ways. We’ve come to realize that when times are hard, certain people in our lives come through for us no matter what.

And in a year where this meant so much to our businesses, what better way to say thank you than by giving something custom-tailored like personalized thank you cards during the holiday season.

Say Thank You with Pictures

Personalized thank you cards can come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t feel like you’re the best at expressing yourself with words, perhaps use a picture to portray your gratitude. You can use a photo from the last event you and your client attended together. Or, if the company is larger, a photo of your team the last time you were all together. On the front of a thank you card, this can serve as a reminder of days past and days to come. It’s also a great way to thank your employees – reminding your staff of things to come in 2021 and keeping them motivated to work towards them. 

If you’re sending thank you cards to clients, another photo idea could be to use a holiday shot from the city they’re from. Christmas in New York is always beautiful, no matter what is going on in the world! Scenic photos can transport you. If you know your clients well, pick a favourite vacation spot for the front of the thank you card, with a note inside letting them know that you hope they can see this place again soon.

Most companies send thank you cards and holiday cards digitally these days. Getting a personalized card in the mail can make someone’s day. So put thought into your thank you cards this year and make them special for those receiving them. 

 Say Thank You with Words

When deciding what to write in a thank you card, don’t overthink it. People tend to feel like they need to be an amazing wordsmith and write an elaborate speech for each and every person they want to thank. It’s not true. And it’s one of the reasons people tend to skip the personalized thank you card. In order to write a cute thank you card, all you have to do is say something specific about the person or the company you’re writing it to. Make it 3-4 sentences. Thank them for their business this year. Say something specific that made your year better because of them or their company. And finish it off with hope for the future. Finally, wish them and their family a happy holiday season. That’s it, you’re done! 

You can also choose a variety of fonts, colours, and card designs, which personalizes a thank you card even further. Relax, have a glass of wine, and have fun with creating thank you cards this year. Showing gratitude has been proven to increase our own levels of happiness, so make yourself feel great by showing others what they mean to you this season.

Print Three offers a wide variety of thank you cards. Contact us to learn more and to start sending your gratitude out into the world.

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