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5 Business Card Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Business cards are like fashion statements. They change from time to time to give us new and exciting ways to introduce ourselves to potential new customers and make statements in our industry. Here are 5 cool new business card design trends to look out for in 2021.

1. Shiny Colour Gradients on Dark Backgrounds

print-three-business-cardsAs business card printing has become more and more technologically advanced, so have business card design options. Companies find new ways to stand out amongst the crowd and show off their professionalism and style with their cards. Instead of a one, two, three or even four colour design, you can now have as many colours as you can dream up on your business card. One design we’re looking forward to seeing more of is shiny colour gradients against dark backgrounds. This metallic look has become popular in recent years, but the addition of the colour gradient, which can also change with the light, is a total show-stopper.

2. Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards can be a great way to show off a recent accolade, add a wow-factor, and create stand-out branding. Gold embossing and metallic finishes add a new dimension to business cards and can create a very distinguished look and feel. Embossing can also be used to celebrate a special anniversary for the company. It draws attention to specific areas of your card that you’d like to call out, so be specific and targeted when considering this option.

3. The Reinvention of QR Codes

While QR codes have been around for quite a while, a vast market has been introduced or re-introduced to them this year, and the trend is likely to continue. If you’ve been to a restaurant in the past few months, you’ll find that many of them ask you to use a menu QR code, so as not to have to touch a physical menu. We will all continue to be very conscious of the things we touch. Especially at trade shows and other events, a QR code on a business card can add an interactive element – leading your potential customers to a demo of your product, for example. They’ll feel more comfortable trying it out, and you’ll walk away knowing that that person now has the experience readily accessible to look over again once they’ve left your booth.

4. Big Bold Fonts

Say it loud and clear with unusually large fonts that stretch almost the entire span of the business card. Designs that feel “off” are a great way to get people’s attention when all cards tend to have the same look and feel. And with printing having come as far as it has, you can print to the end of the card without any white space at all if you choose. Be creative and have fun with it!

5.  Fun and Interesting Cut-Outs

Business cards don’t just need to be a single piece of paper anymore. Try adding a cover and slip, for example, to elevate the look of your business cards. You can get very creative with this style of card and even have hidden letters, pictures or messages that reveal themselves as the card is slipped out. These are especially fun for design companies such as graphic designers or interior designers.

The status quo has been thrown out the window – take these business card trends and make them your own in 2021!

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