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4 Photo Gift Ideas You’ll Want to Try this Holiday Season


As the 2020 holiday season approaches, it seems fitting to go for a more personalized gift this year. Personalized gifts can be sentimental, nostalgic, and heartfelt ways to let your friends, family, customers, or colleagues know that you’re thinking of them.

Incorporating photos can make these gifts all the more special, as everyone takes time to reflect on the important moments and important people in their lives. Here are a few photo gift ideas you’ll absolutely want to try this holiday season.

1. Get Creative with Canvas Prints


Canvas prints are polished, professional, and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Canvas prints can be made from a single photo or even a series of photos placed however you design them. They come in magnificent full-colour and can really stand out amongst other gifts. Try placing a favourite vacation photo or holiday moment on a canvas print. Perhaps even take a scenic photo someone has taken and place it on a canvas print for them. It’s wonderful to have your own artwork or photographs on display in your home. When putting together photo gifts in Canada, it can be easy to find beautiful photos as many people have traveled to some of the amazing places this country has to offer. 

2. Custom Mugs for the Holidays


Custom mugs can be a perfect photo gift for the holidays. Everyone loves a cup of hot chocolate, eggnog, coffee (or Irish coffee!) during the season – and imagine how much better morning coffee or tea could be if you’re drinking out of a mug with a photo of your children, dog, or partner on it. Pick a great travel moment with your best friend and place it on a mug with a phrase that is special to you both, or even an inside joke that only you share. You can even do a series of mugs for a family and make each one personalized and special for each member. If you’re gifting mugs to your clients, include a personalized photo and your logo, as well as a tagline or catchy phrase they’ll see each morning.

3. Custom Calendar Printing


You take photos in the hopes of looking back on your favourite memories often, but what inevitably happens is that these photos sit on your phone or computer, and rarely get seen. Photo gifts are an amazing way to display your memories on everyday items and personalize them to look at on a daily basis. Calendars for example, sit on our fridges or are pinned to our cork boards – and pretty much always in sight. Consider creating custom calendars for your loved ones or customers this year. Each month can be themed (summer memories in the summer months, holiday-themed photos in December, etc.) and can make looking at your calendar daily and flipping to the next month a happy occasion! If you’re gifting custom calendars to your customers, make sure you theme each month appropriately and pick images that people will want to see each month. Nature photography is usually popular for company calendars.

4. Custom Coffee Table Books


Coffee table books are a classy and modern way to showcase your interests in your home. If you know an avid traveler or photographer, creating a coffee table book of their best photographs can make an amazing gift that demonstrates how valuable you find their work and that they should be proud to have it on display. Having memories at your fingertips each day can be a great reminder of your best moments, and encourage you to continue pursuing your passions.



Print Three offers a wide variety of photo gift ideas. Contact us to learn more and start checking off your holiday lists!


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