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Educational Prints for the New Back to School


We’re all living a new normal at the moment. For some of us, that means working from home. For others, it means socially distant workplaces. And now that we have hit September, it’s a new normal back to school season as well.

Whether you’re a parent, child, or educator, this back to school is like nothing we’ve experienced before. Depending on which area you’re in, this could mean socially distant in-class learning, a blended in-class/online education, or even fully remote learning. Educators are looking for unique ways to teach effectively, and to communicate with students and their families. Print Three is here to help no matter how you’re delivering content this fall!

Printing for In-Class Learning

Socially distant classrooms involve a lot of considerations on the part of educators. Everything is different and even minuscule details are having to be rethought. Supplies cannot be shared, for example. Where students used to sit in circles and work on an assignment together or even create a group project, they can no longer do so. Printing individual workbooks and course packs is now a necessity, and creating them in full colour and making them visually appealing is a great way to get students interested in the material. 

If you are a Principal or Vice-Principal of an elementary or secondary school, you may also be considering the best way to notify parents of upcoming events, fundraisers, school protocols, etc. as the school year progresses. Print Three offers on-demand printing, which is perfect for newsletters home to parents. Offering well-designed and colourful newsletters in your institution can grab the attention of parents who, at the moment, also have more on their plates than they’re used to. It is important that messaging about changing protocols in the school makes it back to parents as things change throughout the fall. Speak to your local Print Three specialist about how to make your newsletters are must-reads! 

Digital Printing for Online or Blended Learning

Now, let’s talk about higher education institutions, who are going through a massive transformation as online learning for large courses becomes the norm. Students who have just begun to use online platforms in their post-secondary lives are now being forced to sit in front of their computers all day, every day, either learning synchronously with their class or asynchronously with course material delivered digitally by their instructors. Creating and delivering course material digitally has never been easier. Print Three can help create custom-printed course packs and other course-specific educational materials for you.

As we take another step back and think about higher education institutions as a whole, print materials like orientation handbooks for new students, alumni newsletters, and media kits come to mind. First-year students who are beginning their post-secondary education online are missing out on a regular orientation. Providing them with a guide to the institution and how to navigate their first few weeks is key to starting them off on the right path. Alumni newsletters can also be delivered digitally and may help alumni to feel connected to the institution again, which for many schools is their largest source of donations year after year. With so many students- international and domestic- not returning for the school year, reaching out to alumni for support should be a key driver for higher education institutions this year. Media kits and institution overview booklets are also going to be important, as enticing new students to enroll in the 2021 winter semester or for fall 2021, is going to be a pivotal step to regaining what has been lost this year in terms of attendance and therefore tuition revenue. 

At the end of the day, no matter what kind of educational institution you are, engaging your students, families, and alumni is going to be crucial to a successful school year, and looking forward to a successful fall 2021 back to school season as well.

Make this school year as positive and colourful as it can be. Contact us to discuss your educational printing needs!

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