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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season


While the holiday parties, dinners, and corporate events may be sparse this year, there are many ways you can ring in the holidays and make your employees and customers feel appreciated during the season of giving. Gratitude can go a long way, and employees and customers always appreciate small tokens of thanks. No matter what your spending limit is, Print Three has some wonderful and unique corporate gift ideas and promotional products for you!

Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

Why not send your top clients a branded golf bag. Perhaps include a card promising them a game in the Spring when (hopefully) things are a bit more back to normal. You could also send a few branded golf balls and a customized card with the same promise of a game in the Spring. This gives a personal touch to a promotional product. 

custom-wine-boxPerhaps a branded hat or toque would be the perfect promotional product in Canada for our notoriously cold winters. Winter is coming up fast after all and we’ll need to get outside to enjoy it! There are plenty of corporate gift options to consider that are custom and thoughtful.

Check out this amazing personalized wine box that Print Three created for our advertising partner, Eden Advertising, last year over the holidays. Needless to say, wine is always a well-received gift during the holiday rush. They even included cartoon images of the staff!

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

A special gift for employees during this time of year could be a custom promotional laptop bag. Employees that are working from home or traveling back and forth between a workspace and home will appreciate the generous gesture, plus it’s wonderful free advertising for your business to have your employees carry anything with your brand on it. When everyone is traveling for business again, for example, your company will have exposure in airports and cities around the country and potentially all over the world.

How about a branded t-shirt that pokes fun at the fact that we’re all working from home, so we can wear all the t-shirts we want? Or perhaps a branded mousepad as many people started working from home and had to leave their office supplies behind. Even pens and notebooks can go a long way when working from home has become the norm.

Masks have become the new item to have plenty of around the house. Why not give employees a branded mask they can wear around town and promote your brand on-the-go? They’ll be appreciative that their company is trying to keep them safe and healthy and you’ll again have free advertising in their local areas; a win-win!

At the end of the day, it’s truly the thought that counts when it comes to showing gratitude and appreciation. As long as you make an effort, your clients and employees will feel the love during the holiday season.

Can’t put your finger on the right corporate gift for your clients or employees. Contact us to discover the best gifts with over 500 options!

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