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Embossed Business Cards are Now Available


Business cards are a great, tangible first impression to leave behind with potential customers. They may have an amazing time speaking with you, but your parting gift is what they’ll see again when they make the decision to reach out (or not) for that second conversation.

Make sure that prospect develops into a customer by investing in business cards that stand out amongst the crowd. With unique features like embossed business cards now available at  Print Three, we’ll make this easier for you and help your brand leave an excellent lasting impression. 

When to Use Embossed Business Cards


You may want all of your business cards to be embossed, and that’s great! We have a few ideas that you might find interesting too!

If your company has recently won a prestigious award, for example, putting it on the back of your business card with metallic foil embossing ensures that people won’t miss the opportunity to be impressed by it. It’s amazing how accolades from third parties can influence purchasing decisions and consumers inherently trust their peers’ opinions after all. This means it’s always a good idea to put these front and centre in any marketing collateral.

Another reason to use foil on your business cards could be a special company anniversary. 10, 20, 30, or 50 years in business is a huge accomplishment and one to be shouted from the rooftops. Try embossing the back of your business cards with an anniversary celebration, as we did at Print Three. This shows potential customers how long you’ve been in business and may also entice them to want to speak with you further, especially if you’re offering any special anniversary deals or pricing.

For an extra added touch to spice up your business card and create a level of prestige, try foil embossing your signature. Especially for upper management, this can create a distinguished and unforgettable look for customers to see.

What Kind of Embossing is Available?

Print Three has expanded its range of print finishing options on business cards. Gold embossing, metallic finishes, and other special effects have officially landed at our locations! Investing in your business card means you’re investing in your company.

Create a keepsake instead of just a business card with embossing features and other print finishes. Contact us to discuss your next redesign!

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