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Print Three is Now Offering Custom Packaging


Surprising as it may seem, purchasing local, short-run packaging can be a huge roadblock for anyone launching a new business, especially if it’s on the smaller side. Everywhere you look, minimum order numbers are no less than 1,000 pieces, shipping costs are sky-high, and prototypes are impossible to come by.

At Print Three, we couldn’t believe some of the issues our customers were faced with. Product packaging shouldn’t be so challenging to procure and there’s no need for the process to be so rigid. 

Introducing our new short-run packaging solutions, made to fit the flexible lifestyles of today’s entrepreneurs, event planners, designers, and marketing managers.

Custom-Designed from Start to Finish


Your products and services are unique, so why should your packaging be standard? Print Three’s team takes customization seriously by getting to the bottom of your personal or corporate needs and creating stand-out pieces that are a perfect fit. Our talented design and packaging experts work with you one-on-one, sketching out the initial design if needed, carefully choosing packaging materials, colours, stock weight, and finishes until the final look is achieved. 

Locally Made, Domestically Shipped

With most packaging companies located overseas, shipping can be costly most of the time. When each unit is just a couple of dollars, it can be hard to justify paying a couple hundred to get the order delivered to your door. At Print Three, all of our products are locally-made and manufactured right here in Canada. Between our 46 nationwide locations and our preferential shipping rates through Canada Post, you’ll be getting a better quality product, faster turnaround times, and lower shipping costs. In other words, an all-around win-win-win!

Try and Try Again Until You’re Completely Satisfied with Your Packaging

branded-playing-cardsWe know that prototyping is almost as important as the finished product. You may have dreamed up your perfect packaging, but when you see it in print, it’s bound to come out slightly different. At Print Three, we’ll work with you to quickly prototype your package, so we can straighten out any kinks until it looks the way you want. Just like you, our designers and print specialists always strive for perfection and won’t be satisfied until you’re completely happy!

When We Say Short-Run Packaging, We Mean It

Times are changing and it’s not just the large corporations that need product packaging anymore. If you want to test a new product out on the market, give away custom-packaged promotional products at your next event, or create a single box to package a gift, you should be able to! Print Three’s packaging services have no mandatory minimum on your order. Whether you need 1 box or 1,000, we can make it happen for you at an affordable rate.

 Stop wasting time and money on packaging that doesn’t measure up! Visit your nearest Print Three location or contact us to get started on your custom packaging solutions today.

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