Creative Uses for Retail Banners and Large Format Printing


Over the past few months, Canadian consumers have come to realize how much they miss going out to stores. Now that reopening is well underway and the public is becoming more comfortable venturing out again, retail is coming back in a major way! Make your reopening known with can’t-miss retail banners and large format printing inside and outside of your store.  These can make a big impact and attract passerby who may not have stopped in otherwise. Large format printing in retail signage doesn’t just have to be GRAND OPENING signs, however. Here are 3 creative uses for retail printing that will wow your customer and get them excited to come back again.

1. The Travel Retail Banner

Those of us who experience wanderlust are experiencing it in a big way right now with all of the travel restrictions and border closures around the world. Why not give your customers a little taste of vacation by turning your fitting rooms into beautiful destinations? Imagine trying on that new bikini or sundress in an ocean view change room with custom large format prints of a seascape in Hawaii. Each change room could have a different theme. You’ll have lineups of people wanting to try on clothes for the experience of it! Browse can quickly turn to buy when you’re trying on outfits in paradise.

 2. The Lifestyle Wide Format Print

We’ve all heard the saying before: “You’re not selling a product, you’re selling a lifestyle.” Buying into that lifestyle as a consumer is much easier when it’s presented in a way that makes your imagination soar. Large format prints that depict people enjoying a product can allure potential customers and create a fantasy for them around the product. Take a furniture store for example. Many stores set up living rooms to showcase couches, chairs, and tables, and attempt to draw on shoppers’ imaginations in doing so. Imagine if you had a wide-format print of a family playing a board game in that exact living room directly next to it? Or a couple reading on the couch together. Suddenly, people can better imagine their own families enjoying this same living space in their home.

3. The Just-For-Fun Floor Graphics


If you’re selling something fun or something for kids, for example, make the retail experience equally as exciting! Make your store one that they talk about with friends and family, and a place that people want to come back to because their experience was such a blast. You can get creative with large format floor graphics. If it’s a summer clothing or swimsuit store, print a beach and the ocean on the front entrance to enhance the summer vibe and shopping experience. If it’s a toy store, print lava on the floor with various objects printed like blocks where the kids can jump from one to the next to make it to safety. Each area of the store (books, games, cards, etc.) could be a “safe zone”.

Whatever you decide to do, make the retail experience something consumers won’t want to miss out on ever again!

Let’s celebrate reopening with some fun marketing ideas. Contact us to discuss how large format printing can work in your store!

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