Preparing for Canada’s Reopening: A Few Things to Consider

If you’ve spent any time in a retail environment over the past couple of months (likely a grocery store or pharmacy), you’ve probably noticed the amount of new signage, decals, protective barriers, etc. that have been added for everyone’s safety. Many of these pieces have been stitched together quickly and look more like temporary solutions than permanent fixtures at the moment.

Unfortunately, as lockdown fades away, many of the COVID-19 rules and regulations that are in place now will continue to exist and be strictly enforced, as more and more public spaces prepare to reopen.

Whether you’re returning to the office, reopening your shop, or allowing patients back into your clinic, now is the time to carefully consider more permanent print additions to your space, which ultimately makes it safe in the long term.

Durable Protective Shields for Frontline Workers

For years to come (possibly indefinitely), our frontline workers will need the comfort of knowing that their workplace is doing everything possible to protect their health and wellbeing. While makeshift plastic shields are doing the trick right now, our grocery clerks, security guards and receptionists will require durable shields and booths that act as a safety bubble around them. Whether the pandemic has passed or is still upon us, protective shields are not likely to go away completely.

Directional Arrows and Floor Decals

In lieu of professional directional arrows, we’ve seen everything from duct tape to markers being used as a quick fix taped to the floor. As foot traffic increases, many of these temporary solutions are starting to fade, leaving visitors confused about the rules. As you reopen, consider laying down high-quality, professional floor decals and directional arrows that grab your patrons’ or employees’ attention, without scuffing, fading, or peeling.

Permanent Signage, Laminated Signage, Window, and Mirror Decals

Many of the spaces that could go without business signage prior to COVID-19, may now need to be filled with gentle reminders of new rules and regulations. Mirror decals with handwashing techniques, window decals announcing that your restaurant does take out, and easy-wipe laminated signage are just a few ideas to consider printing professionally before you open.

Eco-Friendly Disposable Menus, Table Cloths, and Packaging

As hygiene standards for dining in at a restaurant or cafe are intensified, you may want to consider adding more disposable items to the menu. There are a plethora of options when it comes to sustainable disposable items that are safe and hygienic to use, without harming the planet.

Province-by-province, our local governments are beginning to roll out a plan for reopening Canada; will you be ready when it does?

Print Three locations across Canada have been deemed essential for the duration of the pandemic. Our talented local print experts have experienced firsthand what it’s like to create a safe environment amongst the chaos.

Whether you’re seeking friendly professional advice, or you already have your business print pieces in mind, we’re here to help. Contact us or find a location near you to get started.

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