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5 Unique Large Format Printing Applications for Your Business


Large format printing is continuously evolving. Not only is it becoming a more popular print format for businesses, but it’s also growingly accessible. As new technologies emerge, professional print shops, such as Print Three, are able to print better, faster, and at more accessible rates.

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What is Wide/Large/Grand Format Printing?

Wide format printing begins at 24” and goes all the way up to 120”. This type of printing covers your typical indoor and outdoor posters, in-store displays, and other types of business signage. Anything larger than 120” (think something as big as a billboard or building wrap), is categorized as “grand format printing.”

Wide format printers often bear a hefty price tag, costing thousands of dollars and taking up a lot of precious space in your office. Professional print shops, however, are equipped with the latest and greatest and are able to handle print runs of any shape and size.

What Can Large Format Printing Be Used For?

Large format printing allows businesses to create visually-stunning graphics that can be displayed without interruption for meters at a time. Depending on the material selected, it can even be weather-proofed and used for outdoor purposes, for an effect that won’t wrinkle or tear, even in an epic snowstorm.

The only limitation to large format printing is your imagination!

1. Large Format Print for In-Store Graphics/Wallpaper


Any blank indoor space is an untapped opportunity to add branding or create a memorable effect that adds to the ambiance of your store, restaurant, or even home. Rather than using old-school 80s wallpaper that you’ll never be able to get rid of, large format printing allows you to create a clean and modern look, without having to worry about leaving behind a sticky wallpaper mess.

2. Large Floor Graphics

With many new restrictions in place, customer-facing stores have been turning their heads down towards a previously underutilized space- the floor. Smaller floor decals with directional arrows and social distancing measures have recently been emerging as essential print pieces for COVID-19 (and beyond), but few have considered a high-quality floor decal that covers the entire surface in an ongoing graphic. Whether this is in a smaller area, such as an elevator or its something that takes up many meters of flooring, you’ll be giving your customers something to look at while their eyes are already drawn down!

3. Vehicle Wraps


It’s one thing to have a static graphic in a retail space or restaurant, but it looks even more impressive on-the-go, and suddenly becomes much harder to ignore! Consider this fact from the Traffic Audit Bureau: individual vehicle advertising can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions in major cities across Canada. Whether you’re in a metropolitan area or a small town, vehicle graphics get loads of eyeballs from bored commuters and inter-city travellers alike.

4. Vinyl Window Decals


Gorgeous, striking displays can even be made to wrap an entire building, but depending on the property owner’s conditions, this isn’t always possible. The next best thing to capture passerby’s attention are large format vinyl window decals. As provinces and territories begin to reopen, you’ll want to make a splash by announcing that your business is back-on, letting your customers know there’s a sale, or putting untapped spaces to a creative use. Window decals are durable, weather-proof and can filter out sunlight without blocking it out completely, doubling as shades on a sunny day.

5. Large Format Printing with Special Effects

For a really dazzling impression on your customers and passersby, try taking a mixed media approach to large format printing. Companies such as Print Panther, specialize in various print embellishments such as UV, digital embossing (or raised effects), metallic foil and all kinds of beautiful finishes that make your large format print stand out that much more. Again, there are limitless opportunities to be played with, with some companies even layering on lighting in a unique way that produces incomparable print pieces.

Have we sparked your imagination when it comes to large format print? If you’re looking for inspiration, our local print experts across Canada can help you with your next project. Contact us or find a location near you to get started!

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