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5 Business Printing Pieces to Consider During COVID-19

For those of us lucky enough to remain open for business during COVID-19, it has become absolutely essential to promote the WHO’s recommendations for social distancing, as well as general health and safety measures throughout our stores.

To ensure your customers are following protocols and that everyone’s health remains top of mind, here are some business printing pieces to consider during the pandemic.

Floor Decals/ Floor Graphics to Promote Social Distancing

Floor decals and floor graphics are quickly becoming some of the most important business printing pieces in the retail industry. As cautious shoppers draw their eyes to the floor, these graphics are an unexpected way to draw their attention towards the store rules. In the same way that this has been effective year-round in public spaces such as subway stations, it’s often one area that cannot be ignored. Try using bright, branded colours, like in the example above that Print Three Burlington put together for their local Canadian Tire.

A-Frame Sandwich Boards for Outdoor Messaging

Whether your store is now offering curbside pick-up, you are limiting the number of customers that are allowed to enter, or you have any other messaging that needs to be communicated prior to customers entering, sandwich boards have become a popular form of business signage that helps relay important information ahead of time.

Informational Posters and Banners

For those looking to creatively display COVID-19 information, while keeping your branding front-and-center, posters and banners are the ideal choice. From hand-washing signage and symptom lists to new business protocols, large format printing, posters, and banners can tell the story that you simply don’t have time to communicate to each customer individually.

Window Decals

Colourful, eye-popping custom window decals and stickers are another unique print piece your business can take advantage of during COVID-19. Large or small, window decals are sure to make an impact on passersby, even at a distance.

Direct Mail Pieces

As everyone stays home during the quarantine, now could be a good time to reach a more captive audience through direct mail. Whether you launch a traditional direct mail campaign on its own, or supercharge it by combining it with digital marketing, direct mail can be a valuable business printing piece during COVID-19.

At this time, most Print Three locations are remaining open nation-wide. Our staff has been doing what they can to help support local businesses, providing them with the day-to-day printing services that are crucial to keeping countless Canadian businesses running smoothly. If you are in need of any business printing, personal printing, web or marketing services, please do not hesitate to contact us

We are all here to support each other!

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