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How Print Fits in Modern Digital Sales Funnels


In the last few years, we’ve all heard sayings along the same lines:

“You gotta go digital.”

“Digital is where it’s at.”

“Print is old news.”

These statements are both true and misleading. There’s no doubt that digital tools have revolutionized the world of marketing, with the ability to reach so many people each day on what feels like a personal level, as well as the capacity to constantly adapt and respond in real time to consumer questions, concerns, compliments, or criticisms.

But the entire world isn’t on a screen (yet?) and you can still use old methods to your advantage.

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Everyone Loves Mail

Print pieces and digital marketing campaigns work wonders together. Direct mail, for instance, can work as a highly targeted lead-generation source that feeds directly into your online campaign.

According to a Canada Post study, 98% of consumers check their physical mailboxes every day, not just their online ones, so your direct mail piece is guaranteed to be seen and touched. The tangibility of direct mail evokes greater emotional processing, which increases engagement and helps build stronger relationships with your audience.

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Print and Digital, Hand in Hand

Once you’ve engaged your audience with your direct mail piece, continuity across all marketing channels combined with easily followable calls to action can direct your newly attached audience to your digital campaign, which will now act more effectively due to that pre-engagement. It’s also a great way to reach any potential consumers who aren’t regular Facebook users, and send them directly to your website, relieving Facebook and other digital platforms of a significant portion of the sales funnel.

Ready to start reeling in your audience with an excellent direct mail piece? Find a Print Three location near you and create a campaign that takes your audience down the funnel.

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