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Thank You Notes are Still Useful to Your Business


Social networks have eliminated many social conventions you grew up with, like face-to-face conversations (just slide into my DM’s) and in-person events (I can live stream that bro).

Despite the ubiquity of social media, there’s one good ol’ tradition that’s maintained its importance: the thank you note. Yes, those hand-written cards your grandma sacrificed your wrist for on weekends still hold value, in the business world anyway.

Antediluvian to millennials and Gen-Z’ers, this seemingly archaic form of communication is used to great affect by businesses today, says Manhattan’s Christina Cookman.

“The business case for them is that they only take five minutes of your time, and 50 cents,” Cookman said. “I can’t imagine that anyone who gets a handwritten thoughtful note is ever disappointed by that. So even if the payoff is not direct, you are at the very least strengthening a relationship.”

Music manager Clayton Durant struck a deal with Ashley Roe, Roc Nation songwriter and head of indie music label The Code, from simple thank you notes sent after they worked together on a record.

“When I asked Ashley why she felt comfortable having our startup be her first joint venture, she mentioned the thank-you cards we sent to each of her producers, writers and staff,” Durant said.

Writing a Bread-and-Butter Letter

Writing the perfect thank you note falls on a fine line of boosting your business and network and being sincere with gratitude. Try these thank you note best practices:


If you’re going to go through the effort of writing a note, you may as well make it personal; a generic message defeats the whole point of this exercise. You’ll build stronger relationships with recipients, because you’re acknowledging their existence, instead of another number in your thank you card rolodex.

Keep them short, keep them sweet

You don’t have to write a novel in a thank you note – it’s boring and borderline sad. Keep them short and simple. Each word will have more impact that way.

Send them unexpectedly

Thank you cards are standard in some situations, like responding to wedding gifts. Sending a thank you card at unexpected occasions, however, can strengthen its impact and is far more memorable. Just don’t get too carried away and send them for every frivolous milestone, like a friend hitting the 100 follower plateau on Twitter.

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