Print Marketing

The Role of Digital Print Across the Buyer’s Journey

Did you know that 62 per cent of retailers are using digital printing to make promotional products? What about that more than 80% are using it for direct mail marketing? According to a study from the Specialty Graphic Image Association and NAPCO Research, digital printing is being utilized by marketers at each stage of the Buyer’s Journey in order to provide greater personalization, making marketing more relevant for specific consumers....

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Make Your Direct Mail into a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign

You hear that? It’s the faint hum of carollers rehearsing “Silent Night”. It’s the distant jangle of a sleigh bell jingling…a ring-ting-tingling too. And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear the faraway bellow of Santa’s “ho, ho, ho,” as he briefs his elvish marketing team on the details of another dazzling direct mail campaign.

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When Print Marketing Materials Reign Supreme

At Print Three, we’ve already debunked the myth that print is dead. We’ve also shown that while you can’t deny digital marketing’s effectiveness, it’s necessary to bridge the gap between your print and digital marketing. There are also certain instances where the World Wide Web won’t do, and classic print can’t be rivaled. As the saying goes, everything old is new again.

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