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Attention-grabbing letterhead marketing

By branding your letters and print communication with your logo and contact details you strengthen your brand identity. Here is how to ensure that it grabs the attention of the people you want.

Letterhead Marketing Tactic 1: Use a personal introduction:

To whom it may concern, feels as vague as it comes across. When it comes to letterhead marketing, the more concern you place towards specific details about the contact and company you are contacting the more responsive they will be. Rather than a formal introduction, address the most impactful person at the organization you are contacting by their name. 

Letterhead Marketing Tactic 2: Include multiple logos: 

Pitching a big client? Following up with more information to send to a hot lead? We know that when sending a formal document you should include your logo within your letterhead correspondence. Stand out and grab your prospects’ attention by going one step further and including their logo. By physically seeing their logo next to yours you visually communicate to your prospect that you will work well together after all your logos are already printed on the same document. 

Letterhead MarketingTactic 3: Set and stick to your Brand guidelines: 

Brand Guidelines ensure your brand elements are consistent and professional in any instance. Brand guidelines control any instance in which your branding material is used. Ensuring that it is consistent. Once you set your brand guidelines any print correspondence is more efficient and timely as you have set dimensions, colours and fonts to attribute to the communication at hand.

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