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The Evolution of print marketing

From the length of time that print advertising has been around, going back into the ancient world, we can be sure that it is an advertising vehicle that is here to stay and are looking forward to the more ways it will evolve. 

Graffiti Perpetuates The Evolution of Print in Culture 

If you want to see the evolution of print advertising and its effects on society, the next time you are going for a walk to grab a coffee, switch up your regular sidewalk route for a stroll through your local alleyway or side street. Graffiti evolved as a public message board, a form of print for individuals within society to use to advertise large messages, emotions or comments. 

Middle Ages Momentum With the Printing Press

The invention of the widespread printing press revolutionized the print industry. No longer were individuals turning to scribes, handwriting and parchment to produce their communications. This was during the beginning of the renaissance era in Europe. Before the printing press, the primary advertising vehicle was through word of mouth, and very loud word-of-mouth marketing as vendors would compete with each other and yell out their product promotions at markets. 

Mass Marketing from the Industrial Revolution

Print Marketing peaked during the industrial revolution as not only did it experience the largest growth- the mass production of newspapers and magazines print, as an advertising platform shining. In 1605, the world’s first newspaper was distributed and Print Marketing became a craze. 

20th Century Print Advertising 

The 20th century was a climactic point for print advertisements’ role in the marketing and business world, with the introduction of other marketing mediums such as radio, broadcast and television, Print Advertising began to feel the heat of the competition. The first major competition that Print experienced was in 1920 with the introduction of print radio. Next, with the invention of the television in 1921 Print Marketing fond some more competition. 

During the ’50s, Print Marketing Became Creative

The 50s marks the most creative and experimental evolution that print marketing has gone through. From a shift in focus to colourful and bold imagery, and with the evolution of fonts, styles, formats and texts, print marketing began to be seen as a design element and staple within each marketing program that provides the groundwork for design in advertising that influencers designers today.

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