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This is How Technology Has Created Dynamic Direct Mail


Today’s direct mail is different. It ends up digital wasn’t the death of direct mail – in fact, direct mail and digital work in harmony, allowing direct mail marketing to evolve into something smarter and more dynamic.

Direct mail is hyper-targeted, integrated, and a staple in any omni-channel campaigns. With direct mail’s dynamism, every engagement can incite action.

To get the most out of what direct mail has to offer, you should be leveraging today’s digital technologies in the space. Specifically, retargeted direct mail, Informed Delivery notifications, and Informed Visibility tracking are things to keep in mind to amp up your direct mail marketing campaigns’ results.

Retargeted Direct Mail

Leveraging programmatic technology, you can retarget customers with personalized direct mail sent within 12-24 hours of a digital engagement.

Setting up these specific digital triggers that’ll deliver custom direct mail designs to your customers allows for hyper-targeted messaging. Based on the digital interaction by the customer, the direct mail they receive will align to what they were doing online, creating a powerful and memorable omni-channel presence.

With retargeted direct mail, it’s never been easier to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. As a bonus, according to USPS, 68% of marketers who use retargeted direct mail reported an increase in website traffic.

Informed Delivery

For customers that are too antsy to see their mail before it arrives, Informed Delivery allows them to preview their mail via mobile app, email, or online dashboard. This way, customers can access digital content from the preview, meaning you can drive them to specific landing pages designed for your current campaign, or to other online channels.

What’s more, marketers are leveraging their data to send different content divided by customer segments. So, you can craft particular messaging that speaks to a long-time customer or a prospective one, for example. USPS says that 36% of marketers who used Informed Deliver enjoyed a strong increase in ROI.

Informed Visibility

Informed visibility offers two key benefits to marketers: The ability to track direct mail campaigns, while allowing for personalized, omni-channel experiences.

Armed with this knowledge, marketers can launch their omni-channel efforts to include valuable digital channels such as paid or social media. This way, each customer can be targeted at the most opportune moment, once their mailer is delivered.

Take advantage of direct mail and digital technology to enhance your omni-channel campaigns for a better ROI. The future of direct mail is here, and it’s dynamic – get in touch with us today to learn more.

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