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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Digital Printing


From web searches to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence has steadily crept into our everyday lives over the past several years.

It’s becoming so advanced that scientists are engineering AI algorithms that can detect emotion or have a sense of humour (weird, right?).

The digital print industry is seeing this shift to AI, too. AI has opened new revenue streams for print businesses, namely through streamlining end-to-end printing process. Machine service optimization can be handled through artificial intelligence, too.

Opening the bottleneck

Tasks that were bottlenecks in the printing process just a few years ago are now being fully automated by AI, drastically improving a printer’s daily output. This means more time for other business endeavours, and the ability to take on more jobs for smaller print shops.

Routine work can be offloaded to the machines, allowing your team to focus on the more creative side of print (until AI can think for themselves, that is).

Some of examples of how AI is streamlining printing processes:

  • Self-Monitoring – Self-monitoring presses continuously assess themselves via sensors. After a quick calculation, the machine, in real-time, will adjust on the fly to optimize variables like paper alignment and image quality. This virtually eliminates human error, which can become costly mistakes in particularly large print runs.
  • Smart Algorithms – The AI software determines different, and the most optimal, print layouts for the run; for example, it can optimize imposition, leading to less printed waste.
  • Job Submission – AI printers can monitor which presses are in use, and route new jobs to open print machines automatically.
  • Data Accruement – All printing data is sent back to the owners, who can then leverage all that information in a number of beneficial ways. They can gauge expected performance, and make tweaks to software or hardware accordingly. Predictive AI that determines a need for service or adjustment before the machine or process fails is right around the corner, too.
  • Direct Mail Services – Since there’s more data available to us printers than ever before, we can utilize the data to create highly relevant and personalized pieces – which AI printers can automatically customize for each individual recipient. In fact, Print Three Canada has partnered with a Canadian leader in the space – Prime Data – that’s taken this modern approach to direct mail and inkjet printing services.

Thanks to AI, complex print runs are being automated, leading to more value and volume for print buyers and business owners that rely on print in their marketing strategies.

Take advantage of AI for your next print project, and get more volume and value for a better ROI. Complement your existing marketing with tangible, tactile print marketing pieces – visit your local Print Three location to get started!

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