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Forecasting Digital Printing Trends in 2020


This is the age of technological innovation, and thankfully for both print buyers and sellers, the printing world is no exception.

This natural progression of tech has affected how we do a number of things at Print Three, from our new inkjet printing services to web-to-print solutions. Add in a growing demand for all things print, particularly digital and wide format printing, and it’s no surprise we’re starting to see some evolving trends that we expect to see a lot more of in 2020 and beyond.

More Security

The need for cybersecurity quickly followed the technological boom, and we’re seeing that demand trickle into the print industry.


Print documents can contain large amounts of sensitive information, which consumers are understandably concerned with. The focus of printers, at least at the infant stage of this print industry trend, is protecting against hackers and other forms of document tampering.

More Digitization

Workflow digitization has become a big deal in a number of industries, including the print niche. One of the best examples is web-to-print technologies, which allow users to scan and store documents seamlessly. When they’re ready, taking their print project from concept to completion can be done faster than ever, with re-orders becoming a breeze since the brief will always be

Less Design

Many printers go the route of complex designs, in order to capture attention and to squeeze as much visual information into a print piece as possible.


Print customers appear to be skewing towards more minimalist designs nowadays, which many printers who have in-house designers have responded to with clean, crisp print pieces. Think opulent rather than overwhelming.

Print On-the-Go

You can do everything on the go these days, and print buyers expect that same convenience from their local print shop.

So, you can add printing to the list of things you can order from your smartphone. This has been driven by our device tech becoming more and more connected with one another, also known as the Internet of Things (we’ll touch on that next).

Printing on-the-go is a necessity for printers at this point. Customers are satisfied with the convenience, and print companies can put less time and effort into a face-to-face customer experience while reaping the same rewards.

The Internet of Things

You may not know it, but you’re already a part of The Internet of Things (IoT). It affects every industry that uses electronic devices (see: all industries), and is defined by products automatically connecting to other products for convenience.


This type of connection actually existed in an archaic form in the print industry: the classic printer-computer connection. Now, it’s smartphones and other devices that connect to the printer. This has made ease-of-use and print accessibility better for customers, and product and service offerings more flexible on the print seller side.

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