The Emergence of Colour in Business Printing


The use of colour in business documents is growing.

Monochromatic businesses have gone the way of the dodo; today, the use of colour is not only accepted, but valuable. Colour in business printing has shown to increase the success of the business when used tastefully in documents, basic print marketing materials, and websites.

This is how the emergence of colour in business printing is helping brands stand out and find success.

Colourful business printing grabs attention

It should be no surprise that a colourful, lively document will stand out amongst the sea of black and white prints. Colour also evokes a sense of positivity in the viewer’s/reader’s mind, too, ensuring they leave with a positive impression of your brand.

Colour is a simple way to emphasize the most pertinent information on a document that, if nothing else, you want the reader to absorb. Highlighting specific points with colour makes it more memorable and readable.

That leads to them referring back that colourful passage again, referring the document to colleagues, thus building awareness of your brand.

Colour helps with sales

Colour boosts brand recognition, which is key in improving product or service sales.

Think about the big brands you buy from most – you can probably instantly recognize something from them just from the logo and colours. Having your business printing and print marketing materials associated with a set of colours keep you top of mind with customers, making your business immediately identifiable when they come across your documents, website, blog, etc.

Adding vibrancy to direct mailers, for example, can lead the eye of readers to specific deals and offers they may’ve overlooked if it were in black and white, plain text.

Colour increases…efficiency?

Efficiency from a user’s perspective, that is. Making business documents or materials easily scannable by highlighting areas with splashes of colour saves them time and frustration of wading through potentially dull, unimportant copy. They’ll appreciate your mindfulness and the aesthetics, and in turn will come away with a positive outlook on the content they’ve consumed.

If all the information is uniform and monochromatic, there’s a good chance important details may be overlooked, and a potential customer won’t see the full picture you’re trying to illustrate.

Just be sure to not overdo the addition of colour, or it’ll look unprofessional, childish, and your messaging will be muddled. Be strategic with your colour touches, and it’ll surely help your business – that’s black and white.

Inject some colour into your business printing materials and website. Print Three’s digital printing experts can help your business stand out from stuck-in-the-past, monochromatic businesses – find a location near you to get started!

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