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Promotional Signage & Displays are A Wise Investment for Business Growth


Keeping your business visible at all times is imperative for growth and sustained success.

There’s a reason why, despite a shift towards digital advertising and social media marketing, that iconic brands like Nike are still investing in billboards and large displays.

Promotional signage and displays still afford tremendous value for businesses of any size. They offer messages that are loud, clear, and memorable, making for some cost-effective, efficient marketing.

Types of Promotional Signage

There are all sorts of promotional signage available to your business. So, it’s all about choosing the right medium that aligns with your messaging or offer.

Be diverse. Have some promotional print marketing that strengthen brand awareness, and others focusing on specific short-term specials, offers, and events.

Don’t narrow your promotional display spectrum to billboards or bust. There are a number of creative promotional signage that’s proven to be effective, depending on your marketing goals:

  • Car wraps
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Branded fabrics
  • Architectural signage
  • Trade show displays
  • Floor graphics

What Can Signage Do For You?

Before investing in promotional print signage for marketing, outline what you hope to achieve with your investment. We find promotional displays and signage to be exceptional avenues for branding and influencing customer behaviour.


Consumers do business with brands they trust and recognize. Signage that reinforces your brand and messaging – which must speak to your target demographic! – is a sure-fire way to stay top of mind with relevant audiences.

Consider car wraps so the town is aware of your brand. Outdoor signage is excellent to capture the attention of foot traffic in people-dense areas like malls. Standees and banners are essential at your next trade show.

The more you promote your brand, the more people will connect and feel comfortable with your brand, and give you the time of day.

Influence Customer Behaviour

If your customers aren’t taking the right action (re: buying) with your products or services, promotional signage can influence them the correct way.

Maybe you’re looking for more people to sign up to your mailing list, or join your loyalty club – tailor your promotional materials to incite that action.

A big part of this can fall under customer education. Consumers may not understand the environmental benefits of reusable straws, so educating them with promotional signage can change their perception, and ultimately their buyer behaviour. Consistent reinforcement that’s organic and natural – like not spamming their inboxes with emails, for example – will receive a positive reception.

For over 40 years, Print Three has helped businesses of all sizes create foot-stopping promotional signage and displays that achieves their marketing goals. Find a location nearest you and get the most out of your print marketing investment.

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