Make the Most of Your Business Stationary


If you’ve done any research into marketing, you’ve likely read about the importance of branding. We even have an entire section on our blog about it.

Any content you put out, from social posts to blogs, should be branded in a consistent way that represents your business. Branding includes logos, taglines, typography, colours, tone of messaging, and the overall personality of your business.

So let’s talk about your business stationary. Direct mail and physical paper continue to exist, and therefore so must business stationary. Stationary is another useful tool for communicating the essence of your brand in addition to communicating whatever is written on the paper.

Here’s how you can make the most of it.

Tell Them How to Reach You

Successful business stationary always contains your contact information. Integrating your company address, phone number, email address, and website into the header will make it easy for clients to get in touch.

Carefully Consider Colours

Colours (specifically those already part of your brand identity) are a great way to make your stationary stand out and connect to your brand. But there’s a fine line between standing out and looking too busy, or even tacky. When in doubt, use colours sparingly. Perhaps just in your logo, or as little accents on the page. If you want to be bold with colour, consider using it on your envelopes.

Don’t Forget Fonts

Stick to the fonts you’ve already established as part of your branding. Anything different might be jarring and too many fonts will make the page hard to look at and harder to read. Don’t use more than two fonts in your stationary.

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Sleek and Simple

When you’re designing your stationary, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal isn’t to sell your business or services; that’s what your other marketing is for. The goal of your stationary is to deliver a message while keeping your brand top of mind. A simple design with lots of white space will help your message and branding stand out.

Favour Nice Paper

Paper is the literal base of your stationary and takes part in representing your brand. Good paper stock that isn’t flimsy or easily ripped will help your brand come off as more professional. Tangibility is a huge part of making a good impression, so your stationary should be as pleasant to hold as it is to look at and read.

Whether you need to print your company stationary or design it from scratch, Print Three can help. Our graphic design experts can help you create, design, and print stationary that reflects your business. Find a Print Three location near you to get started.

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