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Print Industry Trends of 2019


With 2018 drawing to a close, the printing industry in Canada must prepare 2019 and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

From enhanced digital printing software and automation, to Big Data, to web-to-print solutions, here are the print industry trends you need to stay ahead of in 2019.

Greater Optimization Through Automation

With more refined print-on-demand and web-to-print applications, commercial printers need to keep their eye on the latest software available to both meet their clients’ unique needs, as well as streamline work flow.

Automation will be the name of the game in 2019 as printing companies seek to increase ROI by increasing productivity. Automation also frees up personnel from time-intensive menial tasks to take on more involved, sensitive projects and focus more on quality control.

Databases and Metrics

Big data is a big deal in the printing industry in Canada, and continuing to compile both data from users and digital metrics will be key in creating a virtuous growth cycle for your commercial printing business.

Compiling comprehensive databases allows for greater personalization in digital printing products and also has extensive marketing applications for your brand. Printing industry Canada statistics show that the digital printing market is growing quickly, and building on analytics is key to cresting that wave.


Continuing on build on one of the more important print trends in 2018, web-to-print solutions will be in high demand. According to printing industry Canada statistics from NAPCO, 50 percent of printers are unsatisfied with their current web-to-print providers and will be looking to upgrade their systems in 2019 with more affordable and adaptable solutions.

Print Three was one of the first print networks in Canada to invest in web-to-print solutions, and continue to provide leading services in this arena to e-commerce businesses that need extensive custom services to meet their W2P needs.

Contact Print Three to work with one of the leaders in the printing industry in Canada. We offer advanced digital printing and web-to-print services.

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