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Designing Unique Corporate Holiday Cards


The snow is falling and those sleigh bells are jingling, so that means it’s time to print Christmas cards for all those clients, customers, suppliers, and partners who helped your business see another year of success.

More than just showing your appreciation, corporate Christmas card printing is a great branding opportunity that will keep your business in peoples’ minds long after the holidays end. However, with so many mailboxes getting inundated with Season’s Greetings, you need to stand out with the most unique corporate holiday cards possible.

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Personalization with Digital Printing

Thanks to the power of digital printing, you can personalize print Christmas cards with more accuracy and detail than ever before. More than just addressing different recipients by name, you can produce unique messages for different groupings and distribute them across different demographics.

Try Unique Colour Schemes

Green and red are played out when it comes to corporate Christmas cards. Draw attention with colour schemes that both align with your brand and also stand out from the crowd. For instance, these unique corporate holiday cards make use of a non-traditional gold/black colour scheme that connotes elegance and power, while still being recognizably festive with the snow flake design.

Holiday Cards vs. Christmas Cards

Unless you’re quite certain every one of your clients and corporate partners celebrates Christmas, you’re better off with sending out unique corporate holiday cards rather than corporate Christmas cards.

Going with more neutral language like “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” avoids giving offense to people who celebrate other festivities and allows them to feel included in the general holiday cheer that overtakes us in December.

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