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SEO Techniques for Small Businesses


Many local businesses neglect digital marketing for one reason or another. Perhaps they feel they get along just fine with traditional channels and word-of-mouth, or perhaps they’re just wary of diving into unfamiliar territory.

However, more and more of these businesses will be faced with a sink-or-swim situation as their competitors take on a greater market share thanks to smart use of digital marketing. Don’t risk falling behind! Getting started with digital marketing can be difficult for a local business, but the rewards are worth it.

The best thing you can do to tip your toes into these waters is by increasing your website’s organic search rankings using search engine optimization. Just follow these simple web marketing tips and learn the SEO techniques your business needs to swim with the sharks.

The Best Free SEO Tools

At its most basic level, search engine optimization simply means making sure each page of your website uses the keywords your customers are most likely using when they Google your products and services.

However, this landscape is constantly changing, and yesterday’s high value keywords are now nothing more than yesterday’s catch. You need to keep up with search engine trends using the best SEO tools you have available to you. While premium services like Moz are the gold standard, if you aren’t ready to make that investment, there are a number of free alternative options for SEO tools.

For instance, Google Trends offers a great macro snapshot at what people are searching every day with regional stats and related searches. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a great tool for assessing the technical aspects of your site’s SEO, as broken links and missing metadata can significantly impact your site’s quality score, and as such, reduce its organic rankings.

However, the best SEO tools and web marketing tips are useless if your website isn’t secured. Print Three is partnered with Bloomtools Canada in order provide our marketing clients with secure web hosting and custom web marketing tools at discounted rates.

Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

The best search optimization writing techniques often work with a less-is-more approach. Google’s machine learning is algorithm is quite smart, and only needs to read keywords once or twice to register them. Spamming keywords in ways that don’t make sense can actually damage your quality score by harming the user experience!

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SEO techniques should be embedded in well-written copy. Ideally, your visitors should not be able to tell if a page was written specifically to attract them via search engine. As such, a frequently updated blog can be a great way to continually add optimized content to your website and take advantage of a certain month’s high performing keywords.

A well-written, optimized blog also establishes your brand as a thought leader and offers valuable insights to potential customers in the research stage of the conversion funnel, attracting them deeper into your website.

Does all this talk about search engine optimization techniques and conversion funnels sound like Greek to you? Print Three’s web marketing services are designed to help our clients who are new to digital marketing get their foot in the door with a variety of services including SEO.

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