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Unusual Promotional Items to Build Brand Awareness


Any promotional items you give out are a reflection of your brand. Is your business fun? Are you innovators? Maybe artistic? Your freebies should express that.

To help you come up with promotional items that are as original as your business, check out some of our favourite unusual promotional items:

Colgate…Ice Cream?

When you think of Colgate, it’s all about toothpaste and oral hygiene – which is why their promotional ice cream product was actually quite brilliant.

No, it wasn’t a Mission Impossible-like plot to induce cavities in the public, leading to higher toothpaste sales (though that too could be brilliant).


Colgate gave out ice cream bars on sticks, with a catch: The sticks were shaped like toothbrushes, with the brush, message ‘Don’t Forget’, and company logo being revealed as the ice cream is consumed.

Simple but effective, this was a clever way to reimagine the Colgate-fights-sweets connection.

Dogs (and Branding) are Strong with IAMS

The pet food company, IAMS, came up with clever promo materials that had dog owners barking.


IAMS gave out promotional Frisbees shaped like barbell weights imprinted with the simple slogan, ‘Strong Dogs’. Alongside the IAMS name, it suggested to consumers that their dog would be stronger eating IAMS dog food.

It’s a home run promotional item if you’re not only truly reflecting your brand with your promotion, but giving the consumer something they can actually use. Dogs love Frisbees.

Brussels Airlines and Pickpockets

If you’re looking for memorable custom branded products, your promotional product ideas should fall between ‘Hey, that’s creative’ and ‘They did what now?’

That’s exactly what Brussels Airlines did for their pickpocketing awareness campaign.


The airline snuck rubber hands into their passenger’s unattended bags, that read ‘This hand just slipped into your bag. Beware of pickpockets,’ with the airline’s logo proceeding.

We don’t advise sneaking promotional products into your customer’s belongings, but we can’t argue with the originality and thought of this promotional product campaign.

Preserving Memories with Alzheimer’s New Zealand

Having your unique promotional items play off one of your services is creative and reinforces what your brand does.


Alzheimer’s New Zealand did this by handing out hollowed-out erasers fitted with a USB drive. On one side it said, ‘Alzheimer’s Erases Your Memories. Save Them,’ with the company logo and website information on the other.

The drives were handed out to raise awareness for the community, and the condition. The campaign was received so well that it won the Silver Design Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

Inspired to come up with your own unique promotional products?

We have over 500 custom printed promotional products and custom branded products to choose from – we’re sure you’ll find something that embodies your brand.

Contact us about our selection of cool promo materials today!

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