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How to Execute a Professional Marketing Campaign with Branded Calendars


Print Three’s award-winning commercial digital printing services are responsible for setting the standard of the highest-quality professional marketing materials in Canada, and our branded calendars are a particular source of company pride.

Releasing an annual calendar is a great way to garner brand recognition, and it’s even better for marketing your services or products.

But corporate calendar design isn’t always so simple.

Think of it this way—your calendar is a storybook, and you need reasons beyond its primary function for people to choose your calendar over any other.

Effectively marketing your products or services while adhering to the constraints of a calendar requires a concept that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of current clients and leads.

Tell a Story that Resonates

For calendars to be captivating, you need quality content that speaks to your target. Consider trends and themes of the year and how you can connect them to the marketing of your services. Every page of your calendar’s creative direction should be engaging, while making it explicitly clear how your business can benefit your target.

A fitness apparel company’s calendar with pictures of adorable babies may be cute and heartwarming, but it has nothing to do with fitness. A fitness apparel company’s calendar with babies dressed in the brand’s pint-sized fitness apparel, partaking in activities such as baby yoga, would be more fitting.

Keep in mind who your target market is and what you’re selling to them. If your target market is active mothers between 27-37 and your goal is to promote your new baby clothing line, you’re on the right track.

Be Brand Visible

Your corporate colours are synonymous with your brand’s identity, and should be consistent throughout your calendar. Your target should be subtly reminded of who you are every second they’re looking at your marketing masterpiece.

Stick to a Theme

Like any campaign, the design and theme of each page needs to be uniform in your calendar; it represents stability and consistency to your customer.

From fonts, to copywriting, to your overall message and creative direction, one month ought to seamlessly transition to the next.

Image is Everything

The quality of your calendar’s images will reflect the quality of your brand’s image, meaning you’ll need crystal clear, high resolution pictures on each page.

Keep in mind, calendar-owners are looking at your calendar every single day, and will notice the slightest discrepancy. They’ll associate any blemishes to your brand.

Don’t Be Afraid of Gentle Reminders

Mark special sales and events throughout the year with eye-catching icons and images. You can include an “upcoming events” box on your calendar design, or promote your next big sale the month before it starts.

You should also mark events such as National Taco Day or even the SuperBowl if your market research suggests they’d be relevant to your target audience. It’s one more way to show potential clients that you understand their experience.

Remember What Calendars are For

While your calendar functions as professional marketing material for your business, its primary function is to help people plan.

Consider factors like how much space would be on most users’ desks or walls, and where they’ll need extra space to write daily notes.

Ask for input from clients and leads—people who your business caters to, and they’ll tell you what they’re looking for in a calendar.

Now that you have an idea of how to create a branded calendar that effectively markets your business, you just need the resources to get the job done right.

Our industry-setting commercial digital printing services have helped local Canadian businesses flourish for over 40 years, and will do the same for you!

Contact Print Three today to learn more about our branded calendars!

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