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How to Make a Direct Impact with Your Direct Mail


Direct mail will always have its place. Even in today’s digital landscape, 98% of consumers check their physical mailboxes every single day – but they’ll throw your direct mail campaign into the trash if they aren’t instantly intrigued.

So, how can you make sure your direct mail gets seen, so your messaging is effectively and memorably delivered to your target audience?

Your Direct Mail Envelope – or, a Book Judged by Its Cover

Your envelope acts as your first impression to your target audience. You could be the second coming of Hemingway, Dickens, or Bronte, but if your envelope copy stinks, people won’t care to find out. You need engaging teaser copy to entice your target.

Put teaser copy on both the front and back of the envelope. It’s best used when you have an understanding of the hot button issues that appeal to your target.

Also, avoid teaser copy if your list is more randomized, because you’ll risk alienating your audience. For example, writing “Trudeau’s Five Latest Blunders” may work on a right-leaning demographic, but if your list is randomized, you’ll likely upset and annoy at least half of your recipients.

If you have prominent teaser copy on your envelope, any visual or image should be subtle so it doesn’t fight with the copy.

The Blank Slate

Having said that, if you aren’t too familiar with your demographic, and aren’t aware of the hot button issues, consider the minimalist approach (or, a more well-thought out marketing strategy!).

No logo, no copy, no graphics—only a street address in the upper left corner and your delivery address.

Without overt branding on the envelope, it will feel personal, making a recipient curious and more likely to open it.

In certain markets, plain envelopes have been known to out-perform those with teaser copy and an image. While it wouldn’t be wise to permanently do away with images and copy, it could benefit your business to test both approaches, and see which generates the best results.

Unlike Soup, Lumpy is Better

People’s natural inclination is to not read marketing materials, so a flat envelope seemingly packed with written content will be given the bum’s rush.

However, lumping up your packaging may tickle your target audience’s fancy, because it’ll look like there may be a free gift or promotional item within.

Once your target’s curiosity encourages them into opening your envelope, they’ll read what you have to say, provided your direct mail design and headlines are on point.

Avoid Mailing Blunders

Direct marketing mailing miscues are more common than you think. It’s estimated that up to 25 to 30 percent of direct mail can’t be delivered if your mailing list isn’t up-to-date and contains wrong names and addresses.

The correct list ensures your mail will reach and be opened by your target audience. Without reaching the people most likely to open your direct mail, you’ll have wasted time and resources on an ineffective campaign.

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