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Make Your Direct Mail into a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign


You hear that? It’s the faint hum of carollers rehearsing “Silent Night”. It’s the distant jangle of a sleigh bell jingling…a ring-ting-tingling too.

And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear the faraway bellow of Santa’s “ho, ho, ho,” as he briefs his elvish marketing team on the details of another dazzling direct mail campaign.

Even Santa knows direct mail is a key contributor to successful Christmas marketing (kids use it to let the Old Man know what they’d like under the tree, after all). It gives your business a differentiator through its message, timing, and audience in those months when consumers are endlessly barraged by marketing messages.

Everybody Needs to Feel Important

During the holiday shopping season, people are inundated with impersonal mass marketing. They’re lost amongst the onslaught of frantic gift shoppers, neglected by sales associates, pawned off by store managers, and if they dare call customer service? They’re immediately placed on hold.

It’s easy to see why consumers feel insignificant come November and December. So, making them feel like they matter with your direct mail is a key differentiator, as is expertly displayed in the example below:

boots-holiday-mail-campaignThe success of Boots’ award winning direct mail campaign is off the back of personalization. Advantage Card (their loyalty program) customers received exclusive product discount coupons and bonus points vouchers based on previous purchases.

Boots’ attention to detail shows loyal customers how important they are to their business.

Of course, they could have just sent a generic package with a standard letter template. Instead, Boots went the extra mile by tracking purchases and using the information to cater to their customers’ personal tastes.

The health and beauty retailer accomplished their goal, encouraging customers to buy holiday gifts at their store, with coupon redemption increasing by 25%.


It’s The (Promotional) Gift Giving Season

You know what’ll be the icing on the fruitcake after your loyal customers are wowed by your heartfelt personalized letter? A promotional gift.

For their 2010 Christmas campaign, Ogilvy’s aim was to show their appreciation to clients, suppliers, and friends of the agency.

The ad agency created an anaglyphic Christmas greeting on digital media, only viewable using the 3D glasses sent via direct mail.

The promotional gift sent to recipients integrates seamlessly with the rest of the campaign. Each element of the campaign relies upon the other to function…literally. There’s no filler.

Sure, you can send people a mug or golf balls. But does it make sense? Will it convey your main message? Can the campaign exist without it? Or is it simply an add-on, for add-on’s sake?

These are the questions you need to ask when you consider promotional items as part of a direct mail campaign—especially during the holidays, when competition is fierce.

And once you decide on the promotional item that fits your campaign like a cozy winter toque? Print Three will be here to print your crystal-clear logo and copy on any customized promotional item… we have over 500 to choose from!

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