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Five Bone-Chilling Print Ads That Capture the Spirit of Halloween


The spookiest time of the year is around the corner, and we’re eerily thrilled!

As we get closer to the 31st of October, brands become possessed by the spirit of Halloween. From witch-themed lattes to ghoulish candy wrappers, this bone-chilling holiday presents a great opportunity for brands to connect with their audience in a fun and frightening way.

Many brands are capitalizing on the Halloween hype with creative print advertising. Whether funny, clever, or downright spooky, these print ads capture the true spirit of Halloween.

Here are our five all-time favourite Halloween print ads that could inspire your next holiday campaign.

5. World Wildlife Fund— Day of the Dead Gorilla

Agency:  Miami Ad School


This WWF ad, designed by the Miami Ad School, used Halloween, a fun and not-so-serious holiday, to deliver a serious message on animal extinction. The ‘Day of the Dead’ imagery is simple, driving the point home with no copy needed.

To us, the combination of endangered species and a topical design makes this print ad powerful without the use of words.

4. McDonald’s — Mc Do Halloween

Agency: Cossette Canada


This Mcdonalds’ print ad, designed by Cossette, is tongue-in-cheek. In slightly altering the image of their iconic cheeseburger packaging, Cossette cleverly delivers their celebratory Halloween message in the cutest way possible.

3. Heineken — Halloween Hand

Agency: JWT, Rome, Italy


What’s scarier than an empty Heineken? Not being able to drink one. JWT Rome tapped into the instinctual fear all Heineken fans have—being without your favourite beer. JWT’s cheeky design is simple and straightforward, delivering Heineken’s message in true Halloween-style with a truly terrifying visual.

2. Snickers— Mr. Carmone



There’s nothing more disturbing than opening the front door and seeing three child-sized versions of yourself trick-or-treating. Targeted towards parents, the award-winning Snickers campaign is intended to tap into the idea that if you were a kid, you’d like to be given Snickers on Halloween. To us, this campaign is the creepiest embodiment of the Halloween spirit, and something we wish we could unsee.

1. Sanzer Hand Gel— What Do You Really Touch?

Agency: Chuo Senko, Thailand


While not intended for Halloween, Sanzer’s hand gel campaign is by far the spookiest print ad on our list. Sanzer found a way to trigger our deepest biological fear—germs.

The creepy image of dismembered zombie-like fingers is reminiscent of posters used for the horror movie “Saw.” The zombie imagery embodies the spirit of Halloween in the most grotesque way imaginable, while effectively selling the need for hand sanitizer.

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