5 Unique Custom Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Let’s face it, Father’s Day is just around the corner, and dads are kinda hard to shop for! Sure. You can give him another funny tie he’ll never wear or paperweight he’ll never use, but if you want to make Father’s Day a memorable one for dad this year, why not go the extra mile to give him something personalized (that won’t end up in the attic).

1. Custom Photobook/Scrapbook


Although we snap a million pictures on our phones these days, it’s never quite the same as holding a real photograph in your hands. This Father’s Day, take your dad on a trip down memory lane by putting together a scrapbook or photo book with highlights of your memories together. This keepsake will never accidentally get deleted or take up any storage space in your phone; instead, it’s something that your dad can flip through any time he wants.

2. Personalized Pen

The classic Father’s Day gift, a custom pen with his name on it, may be an oldie, but it’s still a goodie. Whether he uses it to look important while signing important documents or to doodle in his notebook during a work Zoom meeting, he’s guaranteed to use your branded gift day in, day out, and think of you while he does.

3. Custom Photo Calendar


Yes, January may still be far away, but is it ever really too early to prepare for the next one?! A custom printed calendar is not only a practical gift, it’s a meaningful one. Aside from adding in his name and photos for each month, you can print personalized reminders and mark important dates (like mom’s birthday) juuuust in case he tends to be on the forgetful side.

4. Personalized Golf Bag and Golf Balls

Already think your dad’s the coolest guy on the green? A set of personalized golf balls and a golf bag with his name on it is sure to elevate his game even more! And if he happens to lose his golf balls while practicing his long shot, at least you’ll already know what to get him for next Father’s Day.

5. Customized Laptop Bag

For the office dad that just became the “work from home” dad, there are certain office staples that will come in extra handy these days. A brand new custom laptop bag will add to his home office collection and make it easier to take his work with him wherever he goes.

Don’t think any of these Father’s Day gifts will float your dad’s boat? We still have some ideas up our sleeves. Visit your nearest Print Three location or contact us for help creating something that your pops is sure to love.

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