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Variable Data Printing Can Boost Your eCommerce Strategy – Here’s How


Thanks to Print Three’s new partnership with Prime Data, we’ve learned a thing or two about variable data printing and how it can play a role in enhancing your eCommerce strategy.

If you’re not familiar with the term, variable data printing is a technique that allows you to insert different “variables,” like a customer’s name, gender, industry, and other relevant information, into a single print run. In a sense, it’s a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with your customer, and to grab their attention by making a personal connection.

Customers are Tired of Being Spammed Online

Inboxes are overflowing with spammy emails and websites and social media channels are filled with digital ads. It seems like everywhere you look digital advertising is starting to take over, and customers are wising up fast. As a smart marketer, your messaging now needs to be on-point and a little extra creative in order to cut through the digital noise.

Talk to Each Customer Individually

Since most of our interactions are now carried out online, many companies have lost sight of how to talk to each customer as an individual rather than a nameless face behind a computer. To combat this crowd-effect, clever marketers are starting to make use of personalized marketing tactics. According to eConsultancy, 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement.

If you have a mailing list made up of thousands of people, however, it can seem like a daunting task to personalize each and every piece. Luckily, companies like Prime Data have years of experience and a host of new technologies to help make the process speedy and efficient.

Variable Data Printing Can Help Tackle Common eCommerce Problems

If you get creative, variable data printing and personalized marketing can help you solve common eCommerce issues like abandoned carts. Imagine putting an item in your shopping cart without purchasing it, for example, and having that same item show up on a personalized mail piece at your doorstep the next day.

In another scenario, you could be retaining an existing customer by enticing them to re-order or offering them custom-tailored sales promotions based on their preferences in the form of direct mail. It’s an exciting prospect, right?

These marketing tactics and many others are possible with the help of variable data printing and personalized marketing.

Print Three and Prime Data are pleased to offer you extensive variable data printing services. Find your nearest location to take advantage.

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