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Choosing the Best Wide Format Print Products for Your Business


Whether you’re advertising a new product or service, an upcoming event, or your business itself, wide format print products are an affordable, effective way to get more eyes on your promotion.

When done professionally and tactfully, it’s arguably the best marketing method to speak to your target audiences, as well as casting a wider net to potentially new, curious consumers. So, it’s important not only to have the correct messaging and graphics, but to use the best wide format print products that relate to your business.

We’ll list off popular promotional large format print products and their best applications below.

Roll-Up Banners

If you’re a trade show junkie, roll-up banners are borderline-essential wide format print products to help garner visibility and foot traffic on the show floor.

Having a few roll-up banners allows you to diversify your brand messaging, touching on a number of points and benefits that may speak to different audiences. Setup is a breeze, and disassembly and storage is even easier. Best of all, roll-up banners are durable and long-lasting, meaning they’ll go with you from one trade show to the next.

Indoor Posters

Indoor posters are excellent in your place of work to promote events, or virtually any venue that has potential customers walking through it.

Quality, high-resolution indoor posters are foot stoppers, and should garner the attention of passerby for at least a few seconds – which should be enough to convey your message, or at least pop your brand name into their head.

Outdoor Posters

Plaster outdoor posters around your business, on streetlight poles, buildings, venues…you get the idea. Anywhere (outside) there’s a decent amount of foot traffic that may be interested in your business, outdoor posters have a place.

Remember to keep your messaging simple, and your designs and graphics bold.

Vinyl PVC Banners

If you’re promoting something during a rainy or snowy season, you can depend on vinyl PVC banners to withstand the elements. Extremely weather-resistant and durable, vinyl PVC banners will continue advertising your product, service, event or brand, even when your team calls it quits and stays indoors for the day.

See-Through Window Graphics

Perfect for brick-and-mortar stores, see-through window graphics are can’t-miss forms of signage that doesn’t block natural sunlight from flooding your store. Commonly used for best deals, limited time offers, and any other topical information your customers should know before walking through your store’s threshold.

Still can’t decide which wide format printing product will give your marketing the best value for investment? Speak to our print experts at your local Print Three location!

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